Kim Hye Soo Raves About Han Ji Min And Her Prowess As An Actress

Han Ji Min has a fan in Kim Hye Soo!

In a recent interview with media outlet Herald Pop, Kim Hye Soo discussed her upcoming film “Default” and Han Ji Min’s cameo appearance in the movie.

Set during the 1997 IMF crisis, “Default” explores the negotiations that took place to try and prevent a sovereign default. Han Shi Hyun (played by Kim Hye Soo) is a senior financial analyst at the Bank of Korea who was the first to predict the potential liquidity crisis, and leads a group of people to try and prevent it at all costs while still doing the right thing.

While praising Han Ji Min’s brief yet impactful cameo, Kim Hye Soo explained how her fellow actress was cast.

“It’s not something that can happen just because I ask for a favor as it is a production,” Kim Hye Soo clarified. “I recommended Han Ji Min after discussing with the producers as the character Han Ji Min plays appears in the context of my character.”

She added, “However, Han Ji Min was not chosen just because of my suggestion. Many people were of the same opinion and Han Ji Min herself saw the script favorably.”

Kim Hye Soo also commented on how cameo appearances were arguably more difficult for actors. She explained, “It’s because you are being highlighted but you don’t get a second chance. But Han Ji Min really took presence with her liveliness and bright energy. At the same time, it was nice that she did not try to overemphasize or stand out just because she appears for a short part.”

Continuing to speak highly about the other actress, Kim Hye Soo expressed, “Han Ji Min is a junior I personally like. Of course, she has a pretty face, but she is also someone who is pretty and healthy in all aspects.”

“She is also has a successful track record as an actor,” Kim Hye Soo continued. “It’s not easy for an actress to work hard and walk on the same path for a long time, so I want to applaud her on that. I really liked ‘Miss Baek’ as well.”

“Default” will be released in South Korea on November 28.

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