Watch: Yoon Kyun Sang, Kim Yoo Jung, And Song Jae Rim Introduce Their

In the latest teaser for JTBC’s upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now,” the three lead actors introduce their characters in a “video profile.”

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Clean with Passion for Now” follows the romance between the CEO of a cleaning company (Yoon Kyun Sang) and a passionate job seeker (Kim Yoo Jung).

Yoon Kyun Sang picked his character as Jang Sun Kyul, though balked at calling him(self) “a handsome man.” “He’s a self-made man and young for a CEO,” he said. “He has a phobia of uncleanliness. He’s a bit obsessive-compulsive and mysophobic when it comes to cleaning. However, he decided to view these traits positively and start his own cleaning company.”

Kim Yoo Jung introduced her character as Gil Oh Sol and said, “She’s out of work… but preparing to get a job. Her key points are her worn tracksuit and her endless part-time jobs. She’s so tired from her part-time work that she thinks cleaning and personal hygiene are luxuries.”

Song Jae Rim introduced his character as Choi Goon and said, “There are a lot of people who work around him, but he’s out of work. His keywords are ‘secret’ and ‘incident.’ There is something in his past, but hopefully he can heal.”

The actors then talk about their characters’ approaches to cleaning. Yoon Kyun Sang said, “Something you have to do if you’re human. His mission for all mankind is to make the world a cleaner place.”

Kim Yoo Jung said, “A never-ending cycle on repeat. As soon as you clean, it gets dirty and you have to do it all over again.” Song Jae Rim said, “A way for him to heal the long-festering wounds in his heart.”

Yoon Kyun Sang picked his most memorable line as, “We have to protect ourselves against the germs and viruses that present a danger to our lives. Like I do.” Kim Yoo Jung picked hers as, “Yes, I’m that kind of girl” and explained that it represented Oh Sol’s positive attitude and her ability to get up from failure.

Song Jae Rim, in describing “Clean with Passion for Now” in five characters, said, “At least it is funny” and “You should do the cleaning.”

The actors then talked about how the drama made them more aware of cleaning and their hopes to bring a warm fuzzy feeling to viewers’ hearts, spliced with behind-the-scenes footage from the posters.

“Clean with Passion for Now” premieres on November 26.

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