3 Possible Endings For “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” As Drama Approaches Finale

Many people have been speculating about the finale for “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes!”

Earlier this month, tvN had to give a statement about whether the drama would follow the ending of the 2002 Japanese drama on which it was based. “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is a mystery melodrama about a dangerous man (Seo In Guk), the woman who shares his tragic past (Jung So Min), and her detective brother (Park Sung Woong).

The official statement said that they would follow the drama’s underlying theme of “love will save people” but did not comment on the Japanese drama’s ending.

Here are three possible ways (though of course there are many more!) in which the drama could end:


The same ending as the original

In Episode 14, Seo In Guk realized that he and Jung So Min share similar burn scars and that his parents and Jung So Min’s parents died on the same day. He is shocked by the possibility that Jung So Min might be the sibling that he has been searching for in his memories. If this is true, it will be the same as the original tragic ending from the Japanese drama, in which the romantic leads discover that they are in fact brother and sister.

Who are the victims?

Another possible scenario for the finale is that Seo In Guk’s father murdered Jung So Min’s parents. We know that Seo In Guk’s father has killed victims of about the right age, and it would mean that the romantic leads are not related by blood. However, this would still be a tragic ending because it would split the romantic leads apart, even if only one of them knew the truth.


It is also possible that Seo In Guk and Jung So Min are the victims of a setup by Kim Ji Hyun (Jang Se Ran), who has shown a twisted possessiveness towards Seo In Guk. She has shown that she shares a sense of kinship and curiosity towards him, putting him on high alert. When Seo In Guk asks her to help him find his mother and the sibling that he remembers as a younger brother, she says, “I don’t think there’s anyone like that? Like a brother, I mean” and smiles at his despair.

What kind of ending are you hoping to see from “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes?”

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