6 More Times K-Pop Stars Went Majorly Viral Beyond Their Fandoms

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A while ago, we wrote an article titled “7 Times K-Pop Stars Went Majorly Viral Beyond Their Fandoms” where we picked out the most hilarious and iconic moments of K-pop stars making rounds on the internet. Though many of you seemed to enjoy it, some had a few words of advice, those mainly being: “You forgot (insert idol here)!

We hear you loud and clear. Here are six more instances and backstories of K-pop stars going absolutely viral:

1. Taemin, “The Kpop Dude”

Three years ago, Tumblr user nilincartierwells had the internet rolling when they asked their followers what seemed like an innocent question:


The picture in question is this gif of Taemin looking considerably concerned:

Of course, Tumblr being Tumblr, and K-pop fans being K-pop fans, the post went absolutely viral.

It soon accumulated 60,000 notes with some of the funniest hashtags, and created Taemin’s legendary nickname “The Kpop Dude.”


This amusing moment actually comes from the August 30 broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core” back in 2014 during its winner announcement segment, where Taemin was one of the three winner nominees. Thankfully, Taemin was announced the winner!

The gif of Taemin’s hilarious change in expression is brought back every few months by someone in the K-pop community — or someone who just needs a good reaction picture — and every single time, we get to relive this glorious exchange on Tumblr.

2. Breathtaking Jimin

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing your idol being praised by thousands of people? Fans of BTS’s Jimin can relate!

On September 7, Twitter user mochimin uploaded a video of Jimin gazing down at the audience during the group’s Love Yourself tour concert in Los Angeles with a caption that read: “he’s breathtaking”

This majestic moment of Jimin began circulating outside of fandom as another tweet with the same video began to rake up thousands of retweets and likes.

What seemed like a harmless stan tweet soon spiraled out of control as non-fans came across the tweet and began to add in their own appreciative thoughts:

Going viral for no other reason than just looking beautiful. As expected of Jimin!

3. “K-Pop Star Outshines the First Lady”

SHINee’s Minho made headlines back in 2017 when he met Melania Trump at the “Girls Play 2” campaign at the US Embassy in Korea, an event for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

During the event, a video of an amusing interaction between several middle school girls, the SHINee member, and the First Lady of the United States was captured by the media:

The video soon went viral, garnering overseas attention after it was picked up by publications like Billboard, ABC News, and Elle. People could not get over the fact that a K-pop star had outshined the First Lady, but I’m sure K-pop fans can all relate to the middle school girls’ reactions of seeing the Choi Minho in the flesh.

4. Tzuyu: Archery Goddess

What better way to promote your group than by flipping your hair with the most majestic shot of an arrow?

Back in 2016, TWICE had been one of the many K-pop groups to take part in the annual Idol Star Athletics Championship.

What had the internet going absolutely mad, however, was this clip of Tzuyu participating in the archery event:

Along with some coverage by the media, regular old Twitter users couldn’t help but awe over this iconic moment:

One user even recreated the moment in perfect form:

It even earned a retweet from “Thor” director Taika Waititi!

There’s nothing like the Internet bonding over badass girls doing badass things.

5. “The Hot Asian Guy Standing Next to Liam Payne”

When K-pop stars attend overseas award ceremonies, they suddenly find themselves thrown in the spotlight to be seen by thousands of people who might not necessarily know their names.

This was the case when GOT7’s Jackson attended the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards back as the “Greater China region ambassador.”

Non-fans of Jackson were smitten with him after seeing him stand next to former One Direction member Liam Payne during the event.

They had to know who “the hot Asian guy standing next to Liam” was:

Some took it into their own hands to find out who he was:

IGOT7s also helped promote Jackson to all the curious new fans:

Eventually, Liam Payne added to the excitement of this ordeal when he replied to a fan that Jackson was “a really nice guy.”

Jackson truly stole the show that night.

6. Extra Mijoo

K-pop fans have probably seen, or at least heard of, Lovelyz’ Mijoo, the girl who seems to make any event her personal runway.

Although her dramatic poses have been in K-pop fans’ radars for a while now, it was only recently that people outside of the fandom were able to see her hilariously charming personality as well.

On May 5, Twitter user nindyjudd posted a video of Mijoo “confidently walking like a model on a catwalk” on her way to KBS’s “Music Bank.”

A few months later on October 3, Twitter user umcornell rehashed the video but added their own relatable comment:

The tweet soon garnered more than 50 thousand retweets and 150 thousand likes. Lovelyz’s fans were quick to take the opportunity to support their girl, and shared other videos of Mijoo posing dramatically for the cameras.

Mijoo probably didn’t expect this level of recognition when she said she wanted to shake things up by spicing up her poses.

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