Kim Na Young Releases Official Statement After Husband's Arrest

Kim Na Young has addressed news of her husband’s arrest with an official statement.

On November 13, the Hanam Police Station arrested three people and booked 10 people for violating capital market and financial investment laws, as well as opening a gambling place. One of the three people was confirmed to be Kim Na Young’s husband by Korean media outlet OSEN.

On November 23, Kim Na Young released an official statement about the situation.

The statement is as follows:

“Hello. This is Kim Na Young.

“I’m very sorry for causing all of you concern with an unpleasant matter.

“I, too, haven’t fully understood everything regarding this situation, but I needed to tell you the context as soon as possible, so I’m writing this.

“During the time from when I met my husband and married him, what I knew about my husband’s job was that he worked in asset management and investing. I’ve worked hard at my own career to the point where I didn’t have to ask my husband for financial help and fulfilled my hopes of having beautiful children, so I spent my days busily. Like how my husband can’t understand everything about my job as a celebrity, I also couldn’t deeply understand my husband’s business and terminology. After we got married, he had a difficult time because of his job, but I focused more on my job hoping that if I worked harder to keep our family, then that my husband’s work would also turn out well.

“However, I couldn’t even imagine that my husband’s job was related to something bad like this. I can’t dare compare my feelings of shock and loss to those who were hurt by this, but I’m also confused and distressed by this situation I was suddenly informed about one day.

“Even after going through this unfortunate situation, I couldn’t suddenly cancel pre-scheduled events. It was the responsibility of TV personality Kim Na Young to attend filming and events, and not mom or wife Kim Na Young, so I had to follow through with them. I’m really sorry for not being able to tell you about the situation beforehand. I also want to take this chance to ask for the understanding of many people in the industry.

“I resent myself for not specifically knowing about my husband’s work. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t have just blindly trusted my husband and I regret not looking over things more carefully. But, on the other hand, I’m also the mother of two young children and not in a situation where I can just let my mind go and be in a state of confusion.

“I learned more specifically about my husband’s wrongdoings through articles, and am seeking consultation in various ways to get a better grasp of the situation while waiting for the investigation and trial to be completed. My husband will pay for his wrongdoings. I will also take this chance to reflect on myself and will work hard to contribute to society as much as I can.

“Thank you for reading the words that I wrote and I want to say I’m sorry once again.”

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