MAMAMOO's Hwasa Spends A Day Full Of Smiles, Laughter, And Tears With Her Father On

On the November 23 broadcast of “I Live Alone,” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa spent some quality time with her father.

Hwasa went to visit her father at his hometown of Namwon. When she arrived, her father was waiting for her and grabbed her hand. Park Na Rae commented that the two must be really close, and Jun Hyun Moo expressed amazement that Hwasa and her father hold hands, saying that he’s never done the same with his father.

On the way to her grandmother’s home, Hwasa and her father greeted everyone they saw. When the “I Live Alone” cast commented that they seem to know everyone, Hwasa explained that almost everyone in the neighborhood is an Ahn.

At the house, Hwasa hung out with her father outside as he grilled eel, and afterward, the whole family gathered around the table for a big meal, which was prepared by Hwasa’s mother.

Hwasa said, “My mom couldn’t come because of her schedule, and I thought that was it. But then I found out that she had prepared all of the food for the meal in the morning before going to work, so I kind of choked up.”

After eating, Hwasa went with her father to help him with his work in the fields.

Her father said, “My favorite part of the day was driving the cultivator with Hyejin. I kept staring at her. I wondered if I would get this kind of opportunity [to spend time with her], but then we were driving together, and it was amazing. So I kept looking at her. She was having a lot of fun.”

Back home, Hwasa spent some time with her grandmother. She tried to give her grandma a cucumber facial, but they came to an agreement that her grandmother would give Hwasa the facial instead.

Hwasa and her father then went on a walk, hand-in-hand. The “I Live Alone” cast once again commented that Hwasa and her father are always holding hands. Hwasa said, “At first, I didn’t like it as much because my hands would get sweaty, but I realized that my dad liked it, so we always hold hands now. My dad is really sweet.”

The two sat down during their walk and reminisced about the past. Hwasa’s father talked about when she told her family she wanted to be a singer. He said, “It’s a difficult path, so we tried to dissuade her from it. But she wanted to do it, and she worked really hard. Using mobile payments, she downloaded over 20,000 songs on our old computer.”

Hwasa, watching her father’s interview from the studio, said, “What does he mean, 20,000 songs?”

She said, “I got into a lot of trouble from my dad. He was really careful about spending money. But it was so fun. Even then, I was always with Wheein. Listening to music [on the way to Seoul], time always went by so quickly.”

Hwasa’s father told Hwasa that the rooftop apartment she had with her friend was the most difficult time for him. He said, tearing up, “You guys didn’t clean and it was so dirty. My heart hurt a lot. There was stagnant water in one spot and it was all black. You would call me and say, ‘It’s a rooftop so it’s so hot in the summer!’ and in the winter you’d say ‘It’s so cold!’

In his interview, he said that Hwasa’s time in the rooftop apartment was the hardest for him, both financially and emotionally. Hwasa said, “I’m always sorry about that. I still feel like I’m not a good daughter.” The cast members responded, “If you say you’re not a good daughter, what does that make us? Should we show you what bad kids look like?”

Hwasa continued, “They say that the more you cry when talking about your parents, it’s because you weren’t good to them. I always cry when talking about my parents. It must be from guilt. Because I feel like I wasn’t able to do much for them.”

Hwasa’s father said that they had been in debt, but Hwasa paid it off as soon as she could. He said, “Now we can live with our heads up, since she worked hard.” He continued, “Now she’s so busy that it’s hard to get in touch with her, so it’s become a habit for us to sleep early in the evening and wake up very early. Around 1:30 a.m., we’re up watching our phones.”

Hwasa explained that she thinks about her parents a lot late at night after work. “Even though it’s late, I’ll call my them, and they’ll always pick up after just a few rings. So we talked a lot late at night. Since then, I think my dad has trouble sleeping, just in case I’ll call again.”

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