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On November 23, YG Entertainment’s new survival show “YG Treasure Box” released its second episode.

The show featured performances prepared by Teams A, B, C, and J (the trainees from Japan). Team J was formed last episode after Yang Hyun Suk expressed his dissatisfaction with the current three teams, bringing the number of competing trainees from 22 to 29.

The addition of a talented new team put the other trainees on their guard. After Team J impressed Yang Hyun Suk with their ability to perform under pressure, the 29 trainees prepared for their individual monthly evaluation rankings.

Yang Hyun Suk threw in a new catch for this month’s evaluation rankings, asking each group to send in their most “visual” member. He said, “This is a method we’ve never used at YG before.” Previously, he had stated that he intended to take good looks into account when picking members this time and swore not to lose another valuable trainee again.

The visual members from each team were pitted against each other to test their talents, and the rest of the evaluations continued in the same style, with trainees from different teams being paired off to compare their dancing, singing, and rapping skills.

At the end, Team A were shown as being in shock at their monthly evaluation rankings: Jung Junhyuk (No. 1), Park Jeongwoo (No. 2), Wang Jyunhao (No. 3), Bang Yedam (No. 4), Choi Hyunsuk (No. 11), Kim Doyoung (No. 13), and Lee Byounggon (No. 17).

The full list of rankings below:

  1. Jung Junhyuk
  2. Park Jeongwoo
  3. Wang Jyunhao
  4. Bang Yedam
  5. Haruto
  6. Keita
  7. Ha Yoonbin
  8. Mashiho
  9. Kim Jongseob
  10. Mahiro
  11. Choi Hyunsuk
  12. Kim Junkyu
  13. Kim Doyoung
  14. Lee Inhong
  15. Kil Dohwan
  16. Asahi
  17. Yoshinori
  18. Lee Byounggon
  19. Kim Seunghun
  20. Park Jihoon
  21. Yun Siyun
  22. So Junghwan
  23. Kotaro
  24. Kang Seokhwa
  25. Lee Midam
  26. Kim Yeongue
  27. Jang Yunseo
  28. Yoon Jaehyuk
  29. Kim Sungyeon

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!

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