Yoon Jong Shin Says He Has BTS’s V In Mind For A Song He’s Written

Yoon Jong Shin really enjoys the voices of BTS’s members!

In a live broadcast on YouTube on November 25, the famous singer-songwriter and music producer, who is also the founder and head of Mystic Entertainment, talked about BTS. His latest project — “Talgokki” — is a series in which he just writes songs for whichever artists he wants to just because he wants to, without any official agreement to collaborate. The first artist in his series is BTS.

When he was asked by a viewer during the broadcast if he’s heard Jungkook singing “Makgulina,” he replied that he did hear that. “Jungkook is really good at singing,” said Yoon Jong Shin. “He’s really good at singing, and I really like his voice.”

Yoon Jong Shin was also asked who else’s voice he likes. He answered, “For me, Jungkook is great, but V’s voice is really cool. V’s voice is really charming. Jimin[’s voice] is also cool, and V’s voice is — To be honest, in a song that I made before, there’s a part in the beginning that I think it would be good if V sang.” He went on to say, “V’s voice is very unique. Very unique and charming.”

A commenter also mentioned that Jungkook is Yoon Jong Shin’s fan. Yoon Jong Shin replied, “I’d heard that. I’m really grateful.” He then said that while he has already written a song, he’s thinking about writing another because of the positive reactions. It is unclear from his speech, due to the lack of pronouns and directly named persons and his incomplete sentences, whether he is referring to having already written a song for BTS or Jungkook and whether the new song he wants to write is for BTS and Jungkook.

Yoon Jong Shin said that he plans to finish the BTS chapter in his songwriting project in December.

V has also mentioned being a fan of Yoon Jong Shin’s music. During an interview in July, when he was asked to name a song he was interested in covering, V responded by choosing Yoon Jong Shin’s “Exhausted.”

Would you be interested in seeing a collaboration between BTS and Yoon Jong Shin?

Editor’s note: This article has been updated for accuracy according to the clips available, as the full episode has not been uploaded yet.

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