CSJH The Grace’s Dana Apologizes For Her Behavior During Live Broadcast

CSJH The Grace’s Dana has apologized for her behavior during a recent Instagram live broadcast.

On November 27, the singer was criticized for showing her middle finger while speaking with fans, holding out a knife, and driving while using her phone during a live broadcast on her personal Instagram.

Furthermore, Dana also shifted the blame on fans for her solo album’s poor results and pointed her finger at the other CSJH The Grace members as the reason why the group hasn’t released any new albums.

During the live broadcast, she had responded to fans, “I can’t [release more albums] because the response during ‘Touch You’ was bad. If you guys had worked hard and [got the song] up to No. 1 on the Melon charts, I could’ve released another solo album. It’s not Melon’s fault, it’s your fault.” Dana had previously released an SM Station track entitled “Touch You” in 2016.

Dana eventually posted a public apology through SM Entertainment on November 28. Read her full statement below:

“Hello, this is Dana.

“First, I’d like to genuinely apologize for causing such an inconvenience.

“I’m deeply reflecting on the fact that I caused others to feel discomfort and offended by my inappropriate behavior and comments, along with my actions that were excessive enough to be dangerous.

“Everything is due to my negligence. I apologize once again.

“Many of you sent me your heartfelt support after seeing my changed appearance, so I’m sorry for disappointing you, and I feel ashamed. I will be careful and make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

“I bow my head in apology once again.”

Dana debuted in 2001 as a solo artist and later joined CSJH The Grace. She currently stars in the Lifetime reality program “Wings Again Dana” (literal translation), which focuses on her weight loss.

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