SF9’s Rowoon Talks About Acting In “Where Stars Land,” Shares His Wishes For 2019, And More

In a recent interview, SF9’s Rowoon discussed his latest drama “Where Stars Land,” wishes for 2019, and other topics.

Rowoon debuted in 2016 through boy group SF9. The idol-turned-actor appeared in several dramas, such as “Click Your Heart,” “School 2017,” and “About Time.” His most recent drama is “Where Stars Land” where he played operational team employee Go Eun Seob.

Rowoon talked about the atmosphere of the filming set. He said, “Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin brightened the set. I felt bad because I made a lot of mistakes when I filmed. I am the type to save the last episode, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I am going to watch it with leisure tonight.”

He also mentioned his most memorable scene. He said, “The scene where I met an emergency patient is most memorable. I tried to find the meanings because there were many words that I usually didn’t use. While I was in ‘Blind Date Coffee House’ [literal translation], I got closer to the cast, and I asked for advice from Yoo In Na. She took out her own personal time and taught me this scene at a cafe. That’s why I was able to finish it well.”

Rowoon also talked about his chemistry with Chae Soo Bin. He commented, “Chae Soo Bin waited for me a lot. I didn’t have a lot of acting experience and I’m not very good at it, so I stammered a lot. On set, she told me things like, ‘It’s okay’ rather than ‘Do this, do that.’ I think it was a chance for good acting to come out.”

He also talked about his good chemistry with Lee Je Hoon. He said, “I fell for him while doing the drama. Rather than feeling like a celebrity, he is a good person. I still save the roasted sweet potato he gave me when I shared the waiting room with him.”

When asked to score his acting, Rowoon gave himself 30 points. He explained, “I am just so embarrassed that so many reporters came here. I’m burdened by whether I acted that well and if I portrayed Eun Seob well. Fortunately, they like me, so I’m glad. If you ask if I’m satisfied of me, I’m not. That’s why [I score myself] 30 points.”

When asked if he regrets anything, Rowoon replied, “If I knew a little more about love and dating, I might have felt a little more serious and deeper about dealing with Yeo Reum [Chae Soo Bin’s character]. [I’m talking about] things like watching her or sending her looks from behind. I could have deepened my eyes, but it was regretful that I was lacking in that area.”

About filming at the airport, he said, “When I have a group schedule I use the airport often, but when I thought of it from an airport employee’s point-of-view, it became different. I went into places where ordinary people and passengers at the airport cannot use, and I realized many people are working hard to keep the airport safe.”

Rowoon almost mentioned the hardest part of filming this drama. He admitted, “Every moment was not easy. I did my best, whether it was a small or big scene, and the difficult part was understanding the hard things. I think it was difficult for me to do so because I should be clear on the reasons for my actions and remarks. If you ask me what I learned from doing this work, I’m not sure what I learned clearly, but I think what I learned will come out naturally in my next project. While I may have improved my skills while filming, I think I learned how to feel when I read the script and analyze it, so I have more thoughts and worries when I do my next project. I think ‘Where Stars Land’ was a good foundation for me.”

When asked about the reactions of his members, he shared, “Chani is acting, and he has more experience than me. I asked him a lot [for advice]. I told him, ‘Today’s filming was hard, and I’m worried about how it will come out,’ and he said, ‘Seeing your acting until now, you seem to be doing well’, so I was comforted by that. My members didn’t tell me they were watching [my drama], but they were watching it behind me. They even memorized the lines. I thought they were watching it because the drama was fun, not because of me.”

Rowoon talked about being both an idol and an actor, saying, “It’s clear I can’t give up on either of them. So I don’t think I should do any of them carelessly. I wondered how I would do it, but I didn’t have to worry about it. I just have to desire to do well and enjoy it. Acting doesn’t mean I’m not doing well in my group, and just because I’m in my group doesn’t mean I’m not acting. I’m trying hard to do both.”

Then he added humorously, “I’m like a chameleon, so on stage, I capture the hearts of my fans, and when I’m acting, I try to do my best even though I’m acting.”

Rowoon commented, “Since I am a member of SF9, I am hoping for a positive effect where SF9 will be known if I’m known. Originally, I was going to use Kim Rowoon, but I was used to being called [just] Rowoon, and I thought it might be helpful for SF9.”

He shared, “I have two goals. I have one for my group and one for myself. Every goal has steps. My goal for our group is that we will go up a level. So I hope people can see me and my members when we are doing our next album. I hope those who consider me as Eun Seob will think ‘Eun Seob is an idol. Who is in his group?’ My members are really handsome. My goal as a group is that I want everyone to see my members when they see me.

Then he continued, “As an individual, I always aim and imagine to maintain a positive mind, but I wanted to do two dramas this year. I really wanted to do two to gain experience. So, my goal is to have lots of experience as an actor and to play a small role in many works with satisfaction. I’m still halfway there.”

Rowoon summed up his 2018 year, saying, “There are many things that I thought I would do in 2018, and there are some things that are satisfying but some that are not. I’m the type to have regret in comparison to my expectations and I used to think that feeling regret afterwards meant unhappiness. The ideas of ‘Why am I only this much? I have more chances than others, so why can’t I do it?’ only made me have a harder time. However, it was natural that I felt regret when I was doing this work. In fact, 2018 was a busy year. I hope that 2019 will be a year when I sing, act and perform on stage harder like a busier, more diligent and hard-working cow.”

“Where Stars Land” ended on November 26. Check out the last episode below:

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