Shine Bright Like A Diamond: The Korean Highlighters You Need In Your Makeup Bag

2016 was contouring, 2017 was boy-brows, and 2018 has been without a doubt the year of highlighter. The so-called faux glow is not only a must in every makeup bag, but also the trend all of us dewy-finish lovers were waiting for and definitely a godsend. If you’re new to it, you need to know it’s not only about the product and formula but also the technique. A little touch of perfectly placed highlighter can do wonders on your face, as this multitasking product adds glow to your skin while helping you look more awake and bright in matter of seconds.

But before we jump into our actual favs, if you’re a newbie, there are a few tips that can help you use a highlighter the right way, starting from where to apply it. There are seven key spots: the inner corner of your eye, the bridge of your nose, under the brow bone, diagonal along the cheekbone, on the center of the apple of the cheek, the very center of your eyelid, and your cupid’s bow. Once you apply some highlighter to any of these, believe me, your makeup game will change forever. Wondering which K-beauty highlighters should be on your get-them-immediately list? Here are our absolute favorites!

Peripera Ah! Much Real My Cushion Highlighter

It’s all there in the name, to be honest. This Peripera cushion highlighter is so lightweight it can be the perfect choice for those just starting their highlighter journey. Its super creamy formula doesn’t feel or look cakey and lasts F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Just pat or swab and dab over the spot you want highlighted, and job done!

Missha Strobeam Starter (Pink Light)

The Missha Strobeam Starter highlighter is also on the creamy side. Its super smooth texture feels like a moisturizer more than a highlighter, but oh-the-glow it’ll provide you with. It not only works as a light magnet, but also gives your skin a natural glow, reason why it’s an amazing option for no-makeup days. Just apply a small amount to your hands and spread it evenly across your skin.

Kaja Mochi Glow Highlight

Kaja is stepping up the makeup game this year, and their highlighters are no exception. Kaja’s Mochi Glow Highlight, a compact cream-to-powder highlighter, is an easy yet powerful way to add intense glow to your skin while still keeping it natural. It feels like a cream at first but finishes like a powder, a great deal for those who prefer a matte kind of look.

Innisfree My Palette My Highlighter (Cream)

The very first time I saw this highlighter in action I actually thought it was an oil, because it’s so extremely glowy you can’t believe it’s just all highlighter… but it is. This super creamy highlighter from Innisfree is formulated with translucent micro-pearls that not only reflect every single light around you, but also bring back the healthy glow to your face so it looks brighter and younger.

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick

As if VDL wasn’t already providing us with all the glow thanks to their luminous primers, the brand also carries Lumilayer All Over Stick, a moisturizing highlight stick that can truly turn a three-hours-of-sleep face into a good night’s rest. It brings a luminous sheen while energizing fatigued skin, so it’s kind of like a 2-in-1.

Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Highlighter

Now, let’s talk fun highlighters. Too Cool For School’s Artclass is a very luminous balm palette that carries three different shades of highlight — pink, green, and purple — all for different purposes: volume, gloss, and tone up glow. The best part is you can layer one on top of the other one in order to play with different lights, all to accomplish the ultimate dewy-look.

Clio Art Highlighter

I like to call the Clio Art Highlighter “the powder highlighter for those who don’t like powder highlighters.” Its oven-baked formula provides the skin with a hint of shimmer and spark that adheres to the skin for hours, keeping it luminous all day long. It’s a super lightweight and very silky formula that feels gentle on the skin and doesn’t cake throughout the day.

Son & Park Cube Highlighter

The Son & Park Cube Highlighter is an all-time favorite and with good reasons. This little cube contains an iridescent and creamy highlighter that makes your skin look radiant, being the perfect example of “a little bit goes a long way.” Just a drop of this highlighter will give you so much glow you won’t believe it all came from this tiny bottle. Dab with your fingers for a subtle yet radiant glow, and voilá!

Are you ready to shine bright like a diamond all season long, Soompiers?

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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