Park Na Rae Is Completely Smitten With Jung Hae In On “I Live Alone”

On the November 30 broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Park Na Rae joined actor Jung Hae In in a recording studio to narrate a documentary.

Ahead of their first meeting, Park Na Rae was fraught with nerves, sneaking peeks at Jung Hae In, who was already in the studio recording his narration. Park Na Rae continued to watch Jung Hae In, commenting on how amazing tone of his voice is.

Upon first meeting, Jung Hae In greeted Park Na Rae, mentioning their previous encounter at an awards ceremony. Park Na Rae joked, “Of course I remember. I invited you to Na Rae Bar, and you rejected me.”

Talking about Jung Hae In in the studio with the “I Live Alone” cast, Park Na Rae stumbled over her words, and when the Han Hye Jin mentioned the stutter, she said, “It’s because I’m remembering [how I felt meeting Jung Hae In].”

When it came time to record a segment together, Park Na Rae asked Jung Hae In to help her put in an ear piece, to which the “I Live Alone” cast exclaimed that there’s no way she didn’t know how to do it herself.

Once the two finished recording for the documentary, Jung Hae In told Park Na Rae that he plans to move out and start living by himself, at which Park Na Rae expressed her determination to get the actor on “I Live Alone.”

Park Na Rae then asked Jung Hae In about his dating life and his ideal type. The actor said he’s too busy lately to date. His ideal type, he said, is someone with a nice smile, at which Park Na Rae immediately gave Jung Hae In a big smile.

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