iKON Wins Best Song Of The Year At The 2018 Melon Music Awards

iKON has won their very first Daesang ever!

The group was recognized at the 2018 Melon Music Awards for their amazing success with “Love Scenario” over the past year. They were awarded Best Song of the Year, one of the four Daesangs of the award ceremony. They also took home a Top 10 artist award, while leader B.I also won the Songwriter of the Year award.

“Hello, we are iKON who sang this year’s best song,” B.I expressed, “To be honest, we are grateful for so many people, but a whole day wouldn’t be enough time to list them all so we will tell them separately. However, at the very least, to the people we are most thankful for, most apologetic towards, and love the most, to our iKONICs [iKON fans] who we can’t contact separately, we want to sincerely express our gratitude.

“Like we said before, it’s definitely the fans who created moments like this that would be unimaginable for us and gave us this miraculous award. We want to bow our heads and once again sincerely tell iKONICs, ‘Thank you,’ and, ‘We’re sorry,’ for being a seawall without any expectations or reasons against the waves that hit us.

“I’m not sure what to say because I’m so unfamiliar with this kind of situation. We tried to gather the ocean in a small tea cup. However, that causes everything to overflow and nothing was left. That’s why we are trying to become an approachable group who makes enough tea for that small tea cup to share.

“This is all because of you. The award is in our hands, but we dedicate this to all the listeners who love our music and our fans who protect us.”

Bobby also thanked international fans in English, saying, “Shoutout to all the international iKONICs out there. Thank you all. It’s all yours.” Donghyuk spoke next, thanking their company’s CEO and staff, Yang Hyun Suk, the producers who work with them, their parents, and their fans.

“This could seem out of the blue, but to the many other artists here, the audience who came to support these artists, the fans, and the viewers who are tuning in through television,” B.I added, “This is really out of the blue, but happiness can be a broad term, so I hope life becomes something worth living for every day.”

Yunhyeong concluded, “Lastly, we will become a group who is always humble and never forgets where they come from.”

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Congratulations to iKON!

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