BTS Wins Best Artist + Best Album At 2018 Melon Music Awards, Total Of 7 Awards

BTS took home two Daesangs (grand prizes) at the 2018 Melon Music Awards!

On December 1, BTS attended the annual Melon Music Awards at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where they staged an epic performance of their 2018 hits “Fake Love,” “Airplane Pt. 2,” and “IDOL.”

BTS also racked up no less than seven awards over the course of the evening, including Best Artist of the Year and Best Album of the Year—making them the only artist to win two Daesangs at the 2018 Melon Music Awards this year.

In addition to their two grand prize awards, BTS also took home the Global Artist Award, Netizen Popularity Award, the Best Rap/Hip Hop Award, and the Kakao Hot Star Award.

After receiving the Best Album of the Year award, BTS’s RM remarked, “Hello, we’re BTS. Of course, I’d first like to thank the ARMY who love us. Just now, I was backstage, and my heart was pounding.”

He went on to emphasize the group’s immense gratitude to their fans, commenting, “In an age where music is consumed like instant food, I think it’s truly great and amazing that people are spending money to purchase albums that, in a way, they don’t actually need. In an age where, to be honest, albums hold less meaning than they used to, we sincerely thank you for loving each and every one of our [tracks], including our intros, outros, and skits—our children, each of which we carefully created. Thank you so much.”

Jin added, “The moment that made me the happiest, the most nervous, and the most tearful was when we won a Daesang for the first time at the Melon Music Awards. I think of it as a huge honor that we are able to share that same Daesang again with ARMY like this. I sincerely wish for ARMY and everyone else to be happy in the future. Thank you.”

Jimin chimed in, “Everyone, I sincerely thank you. As I receive this award, the person that I most want to thank is our CEO, producer Bang Shi Hyuk, along with the employees of our agency. I truly want to thank our managers and our staff. They’ve watched us for the past seven or eight years, and I’m really curious to know their thoughts on seeing us get this far. I sincerely thank you for helping us get to where we are now.”

He continued, “In light of the fact that you brought us to this point, we won’t stop here, and we will try to reach new heights. Thank you.”

Later on, after receiving the Best Artist of the Year award, BTS’ Suga exclaimed, “ARMY! Thank you so much. I first want to thank the ARMY who have given us such a huge award, and I also truly thank producer Bang Shi Hyuk and the Big Hit employees who have always supported us and remained by our side.”

He went on, “I want to make sure to thank all of our fans, whether they were with us from our debut or they joined us more recently.”

Jungkook commented, “I’m so happy that we have become the Artist of the Year, and I’m truly grateful that we were able to receive such an amazing award.”

After sincerely thanking BTS’s managers and the staff of Big Hit Entertainment, he added with a smile, “We’re too shy to express these kinds of things in our daily lives, but we always gain so much strength from seeing you work hard by our side. I hope we continue to work hard together in the future. Thank you so much. And to our ARMY as well—thank you, and I love you.”

J-Hope remarked, “ARMY! So many things happened this year, and as we traveled the world, we really learned a lot of new things. There are so many different types of people on Earth, so many [cultural] exchanges and interactions, and so many different kinds of love. It was a year in which I learned a lot, realized a lot, and studied a lot. I’m so proud and so happy at this moment. I want to both enjoy this acceptance speech together with ARMY and dedicate this acceptance speech to them.”

“Not long ago, I thanked our senior artists,” continued J-Hope, “and now I think that we ourselves have become senior artists. So I’d like to set a good example that we can be proud of, and I hope that we become a source of strength for many artists. Thank you so much.”

Finally, V concluded, “ARMY! To keep things short, thank you so much for making BTS what we are today. It’s all thanks to ARMY that we are able to perform on stages like this, receive these kinds of awards, and stand here today. I truly, sincerely hope that the word ‘happiness’ always remains by your side. Thank you.”

Jimin tearfully added, “Thank you for being our motivation for each and every day. Thank you for being our everything, and we’re so happy that you exist. We’ll repay you again next year with this same award.”

Congratulations to BTS! Check out the group’s spectacular performance at the 2018 Melon Music Awards below:

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