6 Moisturizers That’ll Banish Your Dry Winter Skin

It’s that time of year again when we wake up to plenty of fresh powder that just stirs up the inner child in us and calls for a good snowball fight (you’re never too old for one after all). Amidst the delightfully frosty days, don’t forget to do a quick checking in on your vanity to make sure you have all your winter skincare essentials on the ready.

No matter your skin type, the low humidity outdoors and upswing in warmth when we escape into centrally heated rooms and buildings (bless them!) can wreak quite the havoc on your complexion and turn you into a bleak shadow of your former glowing self. To help you stay on top of moisturizing and banish that dry winter skin, we’ve scoped out some of the best moisturizers anyone and everyone could possibly need!

1. NEOGEN Vita Duo Cream

A dual cream system created by NEOGEN in collaboration with popular YouTuber Joan Kim, the Vita Duo Cream is, as its name sounds, a super snazzy two-in-one moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and happy day and night!

The day cream (light mint in color) combines two powerhouses in antioxidants — green tea and Vitamin C — to soothe and revitalize irritated skin while the night one (light lavender in color) delivers the soothing properties of lavender and repairs your skin with the help of Vitamin E. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, wouldn’t you say?

I particularly liked how the night cream has a gel texture, as gel types form a protective layer over your skin and help to lock in the moisture. If you so wish, you could also layer up on it as a sleeping mask!

2. AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme

Okay, I will straight up say this one belongs on the purchase list of a serious pamper-yourself day (or months, ‘cos this does cost a pretty penny). But, honestly, if you do have a pretty penny to spare, it is so worth it.

A little goes a long way, and a pinch of the Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme is enough to keep even the most dehydrated skin from flaring up. Harnessing the power of bamboo leaf extract, this moisturizer doesn’t just retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated. It also supports natural cellular turnover, which is extra important during the harsh winter months when our skin cells dehydrate and dry out faster than they normally would.

3. CosRX Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream

Is anyone else here the type to obsessively scan the ingredients list of products to make sure that whatever star ingredient is name-dropped is actually used in significant percentages? Please say it’s not just me.

Well, you definitely won’t be disappointed this time, because honey is the very first ingredient on the list, and the brand even makes it clear that honey extract makes up around 61 percent of the formulation! With its yogurt-like texture, the Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream sinks in surprisingly fast and without a trace. Even though it was out of sight, it was definitely not out of mind (I was constantly fretting that my skin would wrinkle up like a granny’s, the agony!) but surprise of surprises, this “invisible” cream was able to keep my skin from drying out in the freezing winter. So matte and hydrated, in fact, that make-up simply glides on and stays put. And bonus, my skin felt incredibly soft too!

4. Sulwhasoo Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Soothing Cream

I haven’t quite gotten over the magic of how applying the Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Soothing Cream instantaneously makes me feel like Elsa in her ice castle — frosty. It feels like a shaft of cool breeze has been packed into a cream, except it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and itchy.

Very “Frozen”-esque, aye?

Thankfully, the liriope platyphylla (very long name for a flowering plant that looks like lavender to the very botanically inexperienced me!) and ginseng sprouts extracts help to supplement your skin’s natural moisture barrier to maintain soft, hydrated skin all day.

While this is more of a day cream, applying a thick layer on during the night could double up on the moisture as a sleeping mask, so layer away!

5. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Oil Balm

Now, here’s one that is especially good for people with oily skin. Unlike what you might think, using oils and oil balms when your skin is the type to get slick can really help to decrease oil production, as your skin gets a nice knock on the door with a “Hey, that’s enough, you need to stop! Pronto!”

Containing condensed ceramide and nine vegetable oils, Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Oil Balm is a powerful moisturizer that delivers intense hydration with just one swipe. Oh, and bonus, this is also a great vegan option!

6. IOPE ATO Intensive Moisture Cream

Another one laced with ceramides, IOPE’s ATO Intensive Moisture Cream is also spiked with other gentle moisturizing agents such as rose polyphenol to ease itchiness and skin irritation.

While the brand claims that this may be used on the face and body, I would say keep it neck-up, as the cream melds more easily to the face. If you have any kiddos, this cream is also dermatologically-tested to be safe to apply on children!

Hey Soompiers, what other skincare products have you had to switch around now that winter’s upon us? Or if they are still sitting around in your Christmas wishlist, share with us in the comments below! “All I want for Christmas is . . .”

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