Well-Rounded Idol Vocalist Wows On “The King Of Mask Singer”

“Hollywood Rabbit” on “The King of Mask Singer” has been revealed to be a member of a popular idol group!

Previously on the November 25 episode, he competed against “Hollywood Honeybee” with a duet performance of Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You.”

“Hollywood Rabbit” won the round with 72 votes over 27 for “Hollywood Honeybee.”

For the second round that aired on December 2, “Hollywood Rabbit” showcased a solo performance of Kim Hyun Chul’s “Love,” competing against “Dancheong.”

He also gave a slight hint at his identity by showcasing some dance moves.


“Dancheong” won the round with 65 votes over 34 for “Hollywood Rabbit.”

When “Hollywood Rabbit” took off his mask, he revealed himself to be GOT7’s Jinyoung.

He shared, “This was my first time singing a song alone from beginning to end on broadcast, so I was really afraid coming onto the show.”

Jinyoung continued, “[The panel members] gave me a lot of compliments after last week’s performance, so I got a boost in self-esteem and have gained strength.”

On why he chose the song “Love” from 1999, which is by panel member Kim Hyun Chul, he revealed, “My mother really liked it. I sang and listened to it a lot because of my mother, so I think it naturally came to mind [when choosing the song].”

Shin Bong Sun commented, “You said it was your first time singing a full song by yourself, but you looked so used to singing alone, so I thought you might not be an idol.” EXID’s Solji added, “You sang so well. I hope you can show yourself singing solo more. You were so great.”

During the interview afterwards, Jinyoung said that when he received the offer to appear on the program, he thought it was meant to be a mistake and was meant to go to their company producer Park Jin Young.

Check out the clip of his reveal below!

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