Gong Hyo Jin Makes Brief Cameo On “Master In The House” And Teases Future Appearance

Gong Hyo Jin made a brief appearance on the December 1 episode of SBS’s “Master in the House!”

The actress was the mysterious caller who was to introduce the latest master. All of the cast members were interested in the sound of her voice, but Lee Seung Gi got overexcited at the thought of having an “MT” (membership training) with their new master and forgot to ask her identity before asking her how she was related to the master.

She responded playfully, “Wait, you don’t know who I am? Aren’t you just pretending not to know?” and confused Lee Seung Gi still further by adding, “We’ve met before.”

Yang Se Hyung was quick to jump on the double meaning of “met” (in Korean, the word can mean both ‘meeting’ and ‘dating’) and Lee Seung Gi told the caller, “You have to be careful of misunderstandings here” and joked, “How long did we date?”

She then gave him a hint, saying, “We met on set. You were filming a cameo for a drama that I was starring in.” Lee Seung Gi finally clued in and said, “There haven’t been a lot of dramas that I’ve cameoed in… Are you Gong Hyo Jin?”

When they asked her about the master, she said, “Today will honestly be like a gift to you. It’s someone you might faint upon seeing. I’m afraid Yang Se Hyung will cry. I’m very close with that person, we even go on trips together.”

She added that they were going to have a good time with that person and Lee Seung Gi asked her if she also wanted to come, to Yang Se Hyung’s delight. After Yang Se Hyung told her how much of a fan he was, she said, “My favorite member is Yook Sungjae.”

She then responded positively to a future appearance on the show by saying, “I might appear sometime around Christmas, like a present. Even if it’s not as a master, I will come and find you at some point.”

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