7 Ways BTS’s V Shows Us His Creative Genius

Kim Taehyung, otherwise known as V from BTS, is known for his sultry voice and dashing good looks. While “V” could certainly stand for visual or vocal king, he’s also filled to the brim with hidden talents. Much like the other members of BTS, V is profoundly gifted and filled with a deep intellect. The way he looks at the world seems to be full of wonder and curiosity. Whether it be through photography, writing, music, or even playing games, there are plenty of times V has proven to have an exceptional mind. There seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to him. Here are seven ways that V has shown us he’s more than just his looks, and that his brain is just as beautiful (if not more) as his face!

His “It’s No Big Deal” Poem from “Run BTS”

V showed off his witty writing skills to us in episode 56 of “Run BTS.” While his poem was quite comedic and gained a few bemused chuckles from his band mates, it also proves to be very sentimental. The repetitive hook of “it’s no big deal” was a way for him to express that no matter if they struggled, they would overcome it together. J-Hope even complimented how rhythmical the end of each stanza was, as each of them ended with an onomatopoeia.

It was very song-like and comforting, and it showed us how deeply V cares for his band mates!

What I can say to you guys, when we sometimes struggle was only “It’s not a big deal.” 

“I purple you!”

His ingenuity has no bounds, as he redefined the color purple during their third muster.

Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.

Since then the phrase has gained immense traction not only in their fandom, but between his band mates as well. V often says it during his greetings and goodbyes to ARMYs, whether it be at their concerts or on social media. RM also referenced it when he gave his BT21 character Koya, a purple nose.

“I purple you” has even been recognized by UNICEF and Naver.

It’s a phrase that he coined and has deep meaning for those it’s intended for!

His enthusiasm for art!

V thrives on being the artsy type. He has an extravagant passion for photography, and his photos evoke many different emotions. He’s also enamored by many different artists such as Van Gogh or Jean-Michel Basquiat. He once revealed that he was practicing drawing and asked to keep it a secret, though he revealed his own sketches moments later.

Now, his small hobby of drawing has evolved from being a poorly kept secret. He has embed his creations onto his wardrobe! He revealed that he had been drawing different artwork on his own clothes, inspired by Basquiat.

His knack for getting trivia correct!

While sometimes the rest of BTS will doubt V for his answer choices, he has his moments where he’s the only one who knows the correct answer. Whether it be on trivia shows, or in their games on “Run BTS” V has proven time and time again that he’s quite knowledgeable!

MC: Beethoven composed a cantata.TH: X.

MC: Right it’s X. NJ: Who is it? 

TH: Bach! MC: Bach.

JK: He’s right!

Bonus: he’s even solved a Rubik’s cube!

His innovative way of completing challenges on “Run BTS”

“Run BTS” has given some ambitious challenges where the boys compete against each other for a winning title. One was where they had to balance on a mat in the water, and transfer soda from one bottle to another. While most of them went for simply pouring the soda into the empty bottle, V expertly lined them up and flipped them like an hourglass. He amazed the others and passed the challenge!

This also calls for his extravagant party trick!

His prodigious acting abilities!

While he was phenomenal in “Hwarang” his acting skills have also given him great favor in fooling his band mates. In episodes 47-48 of “Run BTS” he had everyone fooled. Playing the spy, along with Suga and Jimin, it was his acting that won Blue Village’s invasion of BTS Village.

He knew exactly what would fool his band mates into thinking he was innocent, and he was also quick on his feet to guard the evidence that would expose his position. Truly, the MVP.


Then finally, there is his ingenious and innovative creation, TATA. As seen in Line Friend’s series of BTS creating their characters, V was adamant that TATA would be a unique character, instead of something cute. He was certain that ARMYs would prefer this.

Not only is TATA a heart, but he can morph into anything that you need him to be. He could be a person, a dog, a bat, or even an umbrella. TATA is an alien character, who gives you what you need most. Whether it be love, protection, curiosity, or just some lively entertainment he’s a being anyone can rely on. V’s out-of-the-box thinking is what made TATA such a success, as TATA is the most popular character of BT21!

These are just a few ways that V proves he’s one of BTS’s secret geniuses. As Suga has noted, he is a secret weapon of sorts. What are some other ways you’ve seen V shown off his ingenuity? Tells us in the comments below!

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