The 8 Most Bizarre CGI Moments From

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” has been capturing hearts with its charming story and endearing characters. But one thing that viewers aren’t so sure about is the drama’s strange CGI. We might expect CGI from a drama that involves divine beings — after all, what’s a fairytale without some talking animals? But the CGI for “Mama Fairy” has been admittedly… erm… special.

At best, it’s a little quirky; and at worst, it can be jarringly weird. Some viewers have deemed it distractingly unrealistic, while others think its cartoonish look gives the show a more magical, fairyland feel. So from talking deer to dancing goats, to a butterfly-haired eelworm (what?!), here’s a look at the most WTF CGI moments from the drama. Decide for yourself: Is it part of the show’s charm? Just plain odd? Maybe it’s both!

1. The pigeon blanket

You know when you have to sleep outside for the night but don’t have a blanket, so you call on your pigeon friends to keep you warm by roosting on you? Mama Fairy knows.

Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) does not.

2. Jeom Soon the cat

Jeom Soon’s cat form has such human habits that it’s a little disconcerting. This can sometimes be cute:

Or funny…

But often it’s just plain bizarre:

3. Jeom Soon the tiger

Jeom Soon’s other feline form is a tiger — and a rather unladylike one, at that.

When all her human-like mannerisms are magnified to this larger scale, the CGI becomes proportionally stranger.

Her habits also become rather more questionable, because we bet someone would notice a giant tiger carrying a man on its back through the middle of Seoul.

4. The meddling deer

A mysterious deer appears throughout the drama to surprise characters or give them cryptic warnings. Its scenes are frustrating enough (Who is this deer? What is it trying to tell us?), but the fact that the deer looks like it stepped out of a claymation movie from the ’90s somehow makes its appearances all the more exasperating!

5. This odd looking snake

Are you sure that’s not a stick, Professor Jeong? Because that’s kind of what this CGI looks like to us.

6. The blooming flower halo

Fairy Ok Nam (Moon Chae Won) is in Geum’s dream during this scene, so we won’t question the weirdness of a giant flower blooming around her head while Geum gushes about how much he likes her. The blossom is clearly a symbol of her warm and fuzzy feelings for Geum, but her blushing embarrassment makes this scene a little uncomfortable to watch; like we’re intruding on a private moment. Which I suppose is true, since it is Geum’s dream, after all!

7. These dancing goats

I love coffee as much as the next immortal deity, but who knew that the goats would be so excited about it too?

8. The butterfly-haired eelworm

This one really has us wondering what’s in the coffee that Ok Nam brews for Professor Jeong (Yoon Hyun Min). We know it’s a dream, but just… what?

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