GOT7 Shares Stories From Before Their Debut And Thanks Fans

December 3, GOT7 held a V Live broadcast ahead of the release of their 3rd album, “Present : You &ME Edition.”

The group received a passionate welcome from fans for their first comeback in three months, garnering over 200 million hearts from viewers during the broadcast.

GOT7 said, “With this album, we hope you never forget that iGOT7s are the greatest presents for GOT7.”

The group then reminisced about when they first met. GOT7’s Youngjae said, “The first day that I went to the dorm after becoming a trainee, I opened the door, and BamBam was completely naked. I found out everything about BamBam in that moment.” BamBam replied, “I was joking around, but I was surprised when there was someone I didn’t know.”

Yugyeom said he was surprised about BamBam’s age. “I thought he was older then me, but I was so surprised to find out we were the same age.” BamBam, likewise, said he thought Yugyeom was older than him.”

Jackson’s go-to restaurant as a trainee was Kimbap Heaven. He said, “They’re open 24 hours a day. Because they were open when practice would end at three or four in the morning, I went often.” BamBam shared that he was upset because JB once drank his broth at Kimbap Heaven, to which JB simply responded that he asked before doing so.

For Jinyoung, the playground is a place that holds a lot of memories. He said, “Back then, I used to get ice cream with Mark and go to the playground.”

The most difficult thing for GOT7 pre-debut, they said, was stretching in the morning. Jackson said he once yelled at Mark for giving him a push while he was in a split stance against the wall. Mark said,” I just did as I was told by our teacher.”

Talking about their newest title track “Miracle,” GOT7 revealed that it was originally supposed be in a different album. “It talks about memories from before our debut, and there are symbols of iGOT7s in the lyrics.” BamBam revealed that recent letters that they wrote have spoilers for the track.

Jackson then expressed his thanks to fans for loving him even when he had “cabbage hair.” “That’s real love,” he said. BamBam said he hopes that this year’s end is as good as its beginning, and that they want to put on great performances. Youngjae added, “Thank you for loving us even when we’re not good.”

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