SHINee’s Key Describes His Huge Clothes Collection + Shares Promise For 1st Solo Win

Imagine spending a day in the closet of a fashionista like SHINee’s Key!

The idol sat down for an interview on the December 3 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV” to discuss his solo album.

A well-known fashionista in the industry, Key also talked about his extensive clothes collection and his past airport fashion.

“I definitely have over 100. [My collection] is probably several hundred pieces,” Key commented while laughing. “I’ve never counted.”

He continued to explain just how many clothes he owns, saying, “I use the largest room as my closet. I use the smallest as my bedroom because I just need my bedroom to sleep in. The heater doesn’t work in my bedroom, but my closet is really warm.”

Showing off a few pieces he brought with him, Key added, “This is something I actually wore to the airport. I’ve worn some really weird or amusing things at the airport.”

When the interviewer brought up examples, Key burst into laughter before adding, “Why was I like that? I think it’s best not to be too over-the-top.”

For what he would do if he won first place on a music show as a solo artist, Key had a befitting answer that tied back to some of his eccentric fashion choices.

“First place? My heart is beating fast just thinking about it,” he shared. “I’ll sing while wearing rubber kitchen gloves.”

Key recently dropped his first solo album “FACE,” which features title track “One of Those Nights.”

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