Lee Sang Yeob’s Agency Responds To His Father Being Accused Of Fraud

Lee Sang Yeob’s agency C&CO ENS released an official statement in response to his father being accusation of fraud.

Earlier, it was reported that Lee Sang Yeob’s father was accused of fraud worth 100 million won (approximately $ 89,981). According to the report, a 48-year-old man named Mr. Choi who runs a food company called “H” filed a complaint with the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office on November 14 accusing Lee Sang Yeop’s father, the former head of the construction site of “S”, and Mr. Han, the CEO of “D” Construction, of fraud and forgery, respectively.

C&CO ENS’ statement is translated below:

“Hello. This is actor Lee Sang Yeop’s agency C&CO ENS. First of all, we apologize that the name of our actor has been mentioned in the recent social issue. Lee Sang Yeop’s father was an engineer and has been out of the construction industry for a long time.

“In the midst of active business, his father was recently sued due to a dispute over investment in a restaurant operation contract at a construction site, but in this case, his father also suffered personal losses of 320 million won (approximately $287,993) due to being used by Mr. Han and sued the party mentioned above for damages.

“Lee Sang Yeop’s father is a totally different type of case from borrowing money and not paying it back. He’s arguing for unfairness because there’s a business dispute, and he has never used a single cent out of the damage amount of 100 million won (approximately $ 89,981).

“Actor Lee Sang Yeop said he hadn’t been aware of this situation until after the legal battle, but his father said he would personally take care of the matter because it’s an unfair incident and forbid his children from getting involved, so Lee Sang Yeop is doing his best with his own work.

“However, Lee Sang Yeop’s name was mentioned and it became a societal issue, so he would like to give an apology to his fans regardless of the reason and also apologize with his father to those who were affected by this issue.”

Lee Sang Yeop is currently starring in the drama “Top Star U-Back.”

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