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The upcoming romantic comedy “So I Married the Anti-Fan” follows the story of global K-pop star Who Joon (played by Choi Tae Joon) and Lee Geun Young (played by Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung), a magazine reporter who has been branded as Who Joon’s anti-fan.

Ahead of its premiere, a list of great reasons to tune in to the drama has been shared!

A beloved story and star-studded cast

“So I Married the Anti-Fan” is based off a best-selling novel that has been translated all across Asia, including in China, Indonesia, and Thailand, due to its immense popularity. It already has a global fandom, and expectations are high for the drama because its story has previously been told as a comic and a movie, and because it’s starring popular actors including Choi Tae Joon, Sooyoung, 2PM’s Chansung (who plays JJ), and Han Ji An (who plays Oh In Hyung).

A fated love between a star and his “anti-fan”

In the drama, Who Joon and Lee Geun Young meet at the opening party for JJ’s club, and their feelings deepen instantly through a small misunderstanding. The two end up starring in the same program together as their relationship as a star and anti-fan becomes a hot topic, and their romance begins to develop. As time passes, sparks begin to fly every time Who Joon’s and Lee Geun Young’s eyes meet, which will make viewers’ hearts race. In particular, the chemistry between Sooyoung and Choi Tae Joon is highly anticipated.

An interesting backstory featuring the supporting characters

In addition to Who Joon and Lee Geun Young’s love story, JJ and Oh In Hyung are also expected to showcase their colorful characters’ stories. The complicated backstory that made JJ and Oh In Hyung distant from Who Joon, despite having trained together in the past, will also be something that viewers will enjoy.

A spotlight on the world of K-pop

On top of the exciting plot, the drama will be fun to many viewers because of the way it features K-pop. The stages, performances, and songs within the drama will be another eye-catching aspect of the drama that fans can look forward to.

Fans are excitedly waiting to see the finished product, which Warner Bros Korea TV Production has participated in by investing and co-producing. The drama is expected to air in 160 countries.

Are you excited for “So I Married the Anti-Fan”?

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