Han Go Eun Responds To Allegations Of Fraud Against Her Father

Han Go Eun’s agency has released an official statement regarding accusations of fraud against her father.

On December 6, a news outlet reported that Han Go Eun’s parents asked “A” for collateral in 1980 before going into hiding.

“A” supposedly reached out to Han Go Eun’s parents after receiving a letter from the bank to pay interest, but the actress’s parents had already gone into hiding. “A” claimed that because they were delinquent for the principal amount of 30 million won (approximately $26,874) and overdue interest of 3.2 million won (approximately $2,856), their building was sold over to a court auction.

“A” added that they found Han Go Eun’s mom nine years later after asking around, but she reportedly stated at the time, “I’ll pay you back,” before moving to America.

Han Go Eun’s full statement is as follows:

“Hello. This is Han Go Eun’s agency Mada Entertainment.

“We would like to give our official statement about the article regarding Han Go Eun’s father that was published today.

“We were sent information about situation regarding Han Go Eun’s dad on November 30. If the claims of damage were true, we thought that the right thing to do for us was to resolve it as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“The person who gave us the information asked for the contact information of Han Go Eun’s father. In order to confirm the details and to give the contact information, we had to communicate with her father. However, Han Go Eun has not been in contact with her father for the last 20 years except on two occasions, which were her father’s wedding and her mother’s funeral. She’s lived without being in contact with her father, so we found out through his close friends. We relayed his contact information to the person who gave us the information along with an apology and the message that we would fully cooperate if needed, that we welcomed contact and would meet them anytime if they wanted to meet and discuss.

“However, the person who gave us information said that they would inform the media, and it later became public news.

“Han Go Eun immigrated to America and lived a difficult life where her family had to be separated due to her father who neglected his family. After that, Han Go Eun returned to Korea and became the breadwinner of the family. She has not received any support from her father since her school years, and has lived a difficult life where she actually provided living expenses.

“After her debut, Han Go Eun still faced many difficulties because of her father. She received threats while on set and repaid debts she had no knowledge about. Two years ago, after Han Go Eun’s mother passed away, there were family issues due to inheritance disputes, but Han Go Eun once again gave up many things, ended her relationship with her father, and they decided to go their separate ways.

“It was a difficult decision for Han Go Eun to disclose her personal family issues, but she decided to release this statement in order to apologize to those who were harmed by her father for a long time.

“Regardless of the reasons, we will try to resolve the issue as smoothly as possible with the victims.

“Finally, we apologize once again for the controversy.”

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