5 Things We Loved From Episodes 3 And 4 Of “Encounter”

Encounter” is the new hit tvN K-drama starring Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. The series started off strong, with breathtaking cinematography, solid storyline, and obviously the beautiful visuals courtesy of the two main leads. The high expectations that the series had set prior to the premiere were definitely met, and this past week’s episodes also proved to deliver. Here’s a look at five things we loved from episodes three and four.

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 3 and 4 below. 

1. LOVED: P.O’s appearance

P.O finally makes his appearance in episode 3 as Kim Jin Myung, the aegyo-filled and adorable younger brother of Jin Hyeok. His character is exactly what you would have expected out of P.O. His energy and personality light up the screen and if the series wasn’t full of good characters already, P.O is the icing on top of the cake.

It seems as though this family has a great relationship and even though the younger brother role might not be as significant, I’m really enjoying his scenes. It’s especially adorable seeing how tight-knit this family is and the heart-warming interactions Jin Myung has with Jin Hyeok. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of him in the episodes to come!

2. LOVED: Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyeok’s “date”

When Manager Nam Myung Sik (Go Chang Suk) invites Kim Jin Hyeok to go see Cha Soo Hyun in the “business trip” to Sokcho, we know right away that he’s trying to set Jin Hyeok up with Soo Hyun and we love him for it. Manager Nam feels the need to bring joy into Soo Hyun’s life and he knows that involves Jin Hyeok.

It was surprising to see the two meet so quickly after their scandal breaks out. Especially because Soo Hyun is in the public eye, I didn’t think Jin Hyeok would want to risk meeting each other, but I loved that they were able to reunite. Their chemistry is pretty undeniable and this particular part of the episode was so sweet. You could really feel Soo Hyun’s heart warming up to Jin Hyeok as she even laughs and smiles.

3. LOVED: The poem

On Jin Hyeok and Soo Hyun’s “date” in Sokcho, Jin Hyeok gives her a book of his favorite poems along with a picture he had unknowingly taken of her when they were in Cuba. She smiles at the gesture and reads the poem, which is titled, “To You.”

This poem roughly translates into this:

I’m being told not to go, but there’s a road I wish to take.

While being told not to meet, there’s someone I wish to meet.

If you tell me not to, it makes me want to do it even more.

That is life and longing. That is you.

This poem is perfect in terms of embodying their relationship. They have feelings for each other, but it’s difficult for the two to be together because they’re from such different worlds. The poem is beautifully worded and is a not-so-subtle hint from Jin Hyeok, expressing his feelings for Soo Hyun.

4. LOVED: Park Bo Gum’s “I miss you” confession

Jin Hyeok hears the song that he and Soo Hyun had listened to together on the radio in Cuba. This causes him to drive back to Sokcho to her hotel in the middle of the night. Although he has some serious feelings that compel him to go see her, he doesn’t tell Soo Hyun right away of his feelings. He makes an excuse about wanting to eat at a particular restaurant. When they sit down to eat, Soo Hyun pushes Jin Hyeok about why he had driven back to Sokcho and he finally confesses.

This part was so romantic and sweet. Maybe it’s because of the innocence and purity that Park Bo Gum exudes through his character, but it was enough to give butterflies. It was also the first time one of the two make any mention of their ambiguous relationship, so it was refreshing to see him clear the air because we know that Soo Hyun can’t be the one to make moves on him, considering the scandal that broke out.

I also loved the close-up of their shoes in this particular scene as it emphasizes the fact that they’re from totally different worlds.

5. LOVED: The public confession

When Soo Hyun is confronted in the main lobby of her company about the rumors involving her and an employee, Jin Hyeok takes it upon himself to reveal that he is the employee she is having a relationship with.

He calls out to her in the midst of the crowd and asks her to go eat ramyun with him. This particular confession scene was monumentally romantic for so many reasons, the main reason being that it was unpredictable. I would not have thought that Jin Hyeok would be that bold enough of a character to make that stand especially so early on in the series. And in front of all those workers!

The anticipation of what he was going to say next after he called out to her totally had me on the edge of my seat. And the lines following were perfection. It’s a confession that was enough to take our breaths away and is probably one of my favorite K-drama scenes this year.

Oh, the dread of having to wait another week!

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