Singer Yoon Min Soo Responds To Reports About His Mother’s Outstanding Debt

In the latest among a string of debt and fraud allegations against celebrities’ family members, singer Yoon Min Soo has responded to the recent reports about his mother’s outstanding debt.

December 7, SBS funE revealed a phone conversation they had with a Mr. Kang, formerly a close friend of Yoon Min Soo’s mother. Mr. Kang said, “Yoon Min Soo’s mother pleaded with me, saying that it was so hard to raise her children on her own. On March 6, 1996, I lent her 15 million won. The same year, on March 13, I lent her 5 million won, for a total of 20 million won (approximately $17,800). She made one payment to me of 10 million won, but she has yet to repay the remaining half.”

Mr. Kang said Yoon Min Soo’s mother asked him to wait, saying that she would definitely pay back the money when Yoon Min Soo succeeds as a singer.

“As someone who is also a parent, I hoped for Yoon Min Soo’s success and waited,” said Mr. Kang.

However, Mr. Kang claimed that when he went to the home of Yoon Min Soo’s mother asking for the money after the singer began to see success through 4Men and Vibe, she told him she couldn’t return the money, and turned him away at the door.

Mr. Kang made several more attempts to collect after that. “Five to six years ago, before the Seollal holiday, I went to her home, and her grandchild and daughter-in-law were there. She told me to leave and called the police. I was so shocked she could treat me this way when I had waited for her financial situation to improve that I just sat on the ground.”

Some time after being turned away, Mr. Kang went to Yoon Min Soo’s agency and spoke to the singer’s older brother about their mother’s debt, and asked to be returned the money. However, Yoon Min Soo’s older brother said he was instructed not to give him the money, and then called the police.

“[Yoon Min Soo’s mother] was a very good friend of mine from my hometown. We were very close, always getting together once a month. I watched Yoon Min Soo and his brother grow up,” said Mr. Kang. “Before Yoon Min Soo’s success, I thought to myself how difficult it must be for someone who’s struggling financially to not be able to pay back money, so I never pressured her. Now, rather than the money, the shock and pain of betrayal is the worst.”

On why Mr. Kang is now coming out about the issue, he said, “I really didn’t want to, as someone who is also a parent. Even now, I don’t feel good about it. More recently, I contacted [Yoon Min Soo’s mother] again, saying, ‘For the last time, pay back the money, and let’s resolve this.’ She read the message, but never responded. If I think about it now, it’s still painful, but she’s carrying on as if it were nothing, and seeing their family on television smiling and laughing is painful.”

In response, Yoon Min Soo’s agency, Major9, released an official statement:

“Hello, this is Major9.

“This is the official statement with regards to the reports today regarding Yoon Min Soo’s mother.

“First, we apologize for causing concern with this issue.

“Yoon Min Soo was not aware of the situation prior to the news reports, and once the truth of the matter can be confirmed, if there is something he can take responsibility for as a son, he will.

“Once again, we bow our heads in apology.”

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