“Under 19” Reveals Team Battle Results And Announces First Eliminations

Contestants on MBC’s “Under 19” found out their rankings and bid farewell to some of their fellow contestants.

On December 8, the idol survival show unveiled the result of last week’s team battle. The performance team took first place followed by vocal team in second place and rap team in third place.

As a result, three people with the lowest rankings in the vocal team and five people with the lowest rankings in the rap team were eliminated.

Performance team

The performance team was up first. First place contestant Wumuti said, “I feel really weird because it feels like I’ve been acknowledged for continuing to work hard. I wanted to show many things and I’ll work harder.”

  1. Wumuti
  2. Kim Shihyun
  3. Jeon Doyum
  4. Suren
  5. Kim Junseo
  6. Lee Seunghwan
  7. Song Jaewon
  8. Song Byeonghee
  9. Kim Kangmin
  10. Park Si Young
  11. Min
  12. Shin Chanbin
  13. Lee Jongwon
  14. Kosuke
  15. Son Jinha
  16. Eddie
  17. Oh Dahan
  18. Christian
  19. Jeong Wonbeom

Vocal team

The vocal team was up next. First place contestant Jung Jinsung stated, “I’m still lacking, but thank you for loving me a lot. As much as I’m lacking, I’ll work harder to show you a good appearance.”

  1. Jung Jinsung
  2. Shin Yechan
  3. Ji Jinseok
  4. Yoon Taekyung
  5. Kim Taewoo
  6. Kang Junhyuck
  7. Bae Hyeonjun
  8. Kim Youngwon
  9. Lee Jaeeok
  10. Lim Younseo
  11. Kim Youngseok
  12. Kim Jungwoo
  13. Jeon Chanbin
  14. Kim Kun
  15. Lee Dongjoon
  16. Lim Hyeongbin

The three lowest ranking contestants in this team — Kim Bin, Jay Chang, and Yoon Doyeon — were eliminated.

Rap Team

The rap team was the final group to find out their rankings. First place rap contestant Cho Soomin commented, “I didn’t imagine first place. I’m happy. The members who are in front and behind me, it’s not that we did a bad job. I hope you know that the other teams just did well. Let’s smile as we always have done.”

  1. Choi Soomin
  2. Bang Junhyuk
  3. Lee Yechan
  4. Kim Sungho
  5. Kim Yejoon
  6. Jung Hyunjun
  7. Lee Sangmin
  8. Jeong Taekhyeon
  9. Park Sungwon
  10. Park Jinoh
  11. Yoo Yongha
  12. Nam Do Hyon
  13. Jang Rui
  14. Koo Hanseo

Five of its lowest ranking contestants — Choi Yonghun, Lee Minwoo, Lee Junhwan, Chang Minsu, and Kim Junjae — were eliminated.

After all of the rankings were revealed, MC Kim So Hyun said, “Starting with the second round, the voting score will be reset. [Next round,] everyone in the first place team will survive. Four of the lowest ranking contestants in the second place team and five of the lowest ranking contestants in the third place team will be eliminated.”

The special directors then surprised the eliminated contestants with a touching video message.

The contestants will continue to battle for their dreams next week with performances of BTS’s “I NEED U” and EXO’s “Love Me Right” by vocal teams, Block B’s “HER” and NCT U’s “BOSS” by rap teams, and Block B’s “HER” and VIXX’s “Shangri-La” by performance teams.

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