Yoon So Yi Gets On Her Knees To Plead With Jang Nara In “The Last Empress”

Things are getting even more complicated and tense for the characters of SBS’s drama “The Last Empress.”

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Last Empress” is set in an alternate universe where Korea has a constitutional monarchy. The drama has been enjoying a rise in viewership ratings, recording its personal best with its latest episode and scoring double-digit ratings.


The latest episode showed Empress Oh Sunny (Jang Nara) seeing Emperor Lee Hyuk (Shin Sung Rok) and Min Yu Ra (Lee Elijah) canoodling aboard a cruise ship with her own eyes. She spilled tears of betrayal, signaling the bleak future that is set to fall upon Oh Sunny.

The episode also showed Oh Sunny beginning to feel suspicious of Seo Kang Hee (Yoon So Yi), the nanny of Princess Ari (Oh Ah Rin). Oh Sunny had told off Princess Ari for treating her nanny poorly, but Seo Kang Hee directed her anger at Oh Sunny. When Princess So Jin (Lee Hee Jin) got drunk and started mistreating her daughter Princess Ari, Seo Kang Hee spoke up against her and in a fit of rage, Princess So Jin revealed that Princess Ari’s birth mother was actually Seo Kang Hee.

The new stills show Seo Kang Hee on her knees handing documents to Oh Sunny, who looks a little shellshocked. The situation is completely different from before as Oh Sunny sits with a ferocious glint in her eye while Seo Kang Hee has her head down and is stating her case with desperation in her voice. It will be interesting to see what has led the two to this point and what kind of conversation they share.

The production staff stated, “In the last episode, the truth behind Princess Ari and Seo Kang Hee was revealed, opening the doors of more conflict to come. Please keep watching to see how Empress Oh Sunny begins to fight through the hardships that keep coming her way, and what result their conversation will bring.”

“The Last Empress” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST and is also available on Viki. Watch the latest episode below!

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