18 Memorable Moments That Happened During “GOT7’s Hard Carry 2”

GOT7’s “Miracle” has dropped, and while we’re really temped to follow the call and go into overdrive with all things Christmas, let’s embrace a non-holiday theme and look back on the magical mess that was “GOT7’s Hard Carry 2.” While it might feel like an eternity ago, it actually hasn’t been that long since the release of the second season of GOT7’s very own full length reality show, and Ahgases will know: ’twas a whirlwind of emotions. So without further ado, here are the most memorable moments of “GOT7’s Hard Carry 2.”

1. The humble (and harmless) beginning

It all started out innocently enough in Hong Kong with the boys being their humble selves, thanking their fans, and very sincerely talking about their world tour and how they were excited for a second season of “GOT7’s Hard Carry.” They also made a hilarious tranquilizer arrow-greeting that they barely got to use. To be fair, they couldn’t have known they’d be such a mess after this. Also, this is the point where we talk about the intro and the boys (men!) looking like they own at least half of Korea. We love it!

2. YugBam getting spanked

Let’s talk about that innocent start… Innocent? You thought.

It wouldn’t be GOT7/EXTRA7/WEIRD7 if people didn’t get their butts spanked in public only 22 minutes into the first episode. This time it was YugBam, who lost a game that was not exactly built up in BamBam’s favor. But the whole ordeal has something quite educational, being the point where even new audience members realize what they’re in for: a wild ride.

3. Scaredy-pants7

Still in Hong Kong, we got to witness everyone getting low-key scared by 4D cinema, though Youngjae was the only one to admit it. (We see you clutching each other’s hands, JackBam!) Also, they got to meet Iron Man, and Bams insisted on being Black Panther. So far, so normal (for GOT7).

Later on (while 2Young got to chill) the rest of the boys went on a roller coaster, and while everyone tried to keep their cool and downplay the speed, the boys nearly popped their eyes out when the roller coaster suddenly went backwards.

4. Whatever happened on the train

In episode 2, the boys basically reenacted “Train to Busan” in the much-anticipated second installment of GOT7 does the zombie game. And it quickly became a game with flexible rules — as in people walking out of the cart instead of hiding in the area and almost failing to contain their laughter at the confused searcher.

In the aftermath of that game, while losing another game but also trying to prank JB, Jackson and BamBam got left behind on the platform of a random station on their way to Yangyang. Oh well.

5. Beach boys7

After ditching two members, GOT5 made it to the beach to take surfing lessons, and Ahgase will probably be with us when we say: what a sight! Even our otter-boy, who can’t swim and was scared at first, did great! Everyone including Jackson and BamBam visibly had a lot of fun. Also, Mark is a natural. And Jinyoung looked amazing. Actually, all of them did.

But as good as they might have looked during surfing, never mind that, because it all was over in two seconds when they had to wear party hats on their faces for a beach soccer match. This truly is GOT7 in a nutshell.

6. The abduction

So much for the civilized part of this season, because at the start of episode 3, the boys pretty much get abducted. This was the start of the catch the tail game, where members had to capture another member’s colored fabric tail. And while that sounds pretty easy and straightforward, what ensued was a game of chaos, lies, and betrayal — or as Youngjae jokingly called it afterwards, a display of “GOT7’s teamwork.”

Let’s get an overview of how the game turned out for each member:

7. JB is the hero we need

Well, who would’ve thought our leader-nim has (kind of?) super powers? While having his eyes covered and being driven to his starting location, the man could exactly tell what landmarks they were passing and that the destination would be his old school. And if you thought he cheated or somehow counted the turns, no: he straight up opened the window, smelled the air, and said he can tell from the smell. Like… what.

Through the rest of the game he was drifting off into his own segment where he showed his old school, where he started out, and later went on to show his high school too. Because, why not?

8. The duality of Markiepooh and Dark Mark

Mark’s starting point was inside a PC room, which the man used and played a few rounds of a game — as you do. But after finding out how much the prize money was, he quickly changed his mind.

Aside from needing an extra push to getting into the actual game, Markiepooh was the one who started out super trusting towards his members — maybe too trusting. He got caught first by Youngjae and therefore became his servant. About halfway through the game though, we witnessed the existence of dark Mark, who brought about genius plans to overthrow the leading player.

9. Jackson and the shabu-shabu incident

Jackson tried to create some secret alliances with other members, but ultimately failed when he also got caught. That’s when things started going south. Long story short: Youngjae ditched Jackson in the middle of eating shabu-shabu at a restaurant, having Jackson believe he just went to the restroom. Without paying. Unsuspecting Jackson only realized when his PD asked him, “Doesn’t something feel off?” While Jackson might be a bit (just a tad!) over-dramatic at times, this time, he kind of had the right to be. Poor Jackson.

10. The PD being a fan of Jinyoung

Jinyoung’s starting point was — randomly enough — next to a horse, which triggers Ahgases in remembering him as a prince in the drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” But Ahgases weren’t the only ones impressed by GOT7’s very own JYP, because apparently the editing PD was quite the fan too! The PD continuously commented on him and imitated his expression with on screen text emoticons. Who could blame them though?

11. Evil genius Youngjae surprising everyone

Most people wouldn’t suspect innocent Youngjae doing anything shady, but boy, are they wrong. The second after getting the rules, the man created a net of lies and caught one member after the other in it. He might have gotten really scared and really loud when being abducted at his starting point, a climbing gym, but he clearly made up for it later in the game. Never make the mistake of underestimating Youngjae.

12. BamBam falling in love with a fennec fox

BamBam’s start was at a zoo. While he was a bit confused at the beginning, he ended up spending hours feeding and holding the zoo animals, especially the fennec foxes. He even went as far as saying he’d buy one with the prize money. After we got to witness super cute BamBam trying to add a fennec fox to his cat household, Bams managed to tear himself away and quickly switched back to his good old, extra self, trying not to be captured by the others. But he also ended up fueling the dubious schemes in the game.

13. Yugyeom taking a much needed nap

Starting out at a roller hall, Yugyeom had quite the active start: rolling around and entertaining Mirae the dogo. He later, of course, continued running and running for hours, giving his all in the game. No wonder he got so exhausted at one point that he just fell asleep in a café. We’re actually thankful to the PD for letting him sleep for a second. Maybe his little nap was just right, because he sure made a great comeback and was back up and very awake just in time for the grand finale.

14. The grand finale (Warning: If you don’t wanna be spoiled the winner of the game, please skip this!)

After all the hunting and all the mess, the PD arranged a show-down of catch the tail in a secluded area. But just when you thought everything was back on track and that this game would have a fair ending, JB falls victim to Team Betrayal when Jackson volunteers JB’s tail for Yugyeom. Jackson, Jinyoung, BamBam, and Yuyeom hug each other in joy while JB screams in agony. Also, poor Youngjae is very much done with everything. What a mess.

So, the last question is: what happened with the prize money? Good guy Yugyeom ends up spending half of it on the staff members to eat together.

15. The establishment of Gyeom’s B&B

Being their true selves and living in one house on their own was one of their wishes before this season, and it seems like the PD really listened, because that was exactly what they got. They got to stay in a villa in the beautiful countryside, complete with an infinity pool. In short: it looked pretty cozy.

Yugyeom and Jinyoung were in charge of the house, supported by their part-timer Jaebum, who was not especially happy about having to address the two of them with honorifics or them talking casually to him. He just wasn’t happy with the overall situation, which was understandably so.

16. An afternoon with GOT7

One after another, the members arrived at the house, some with more extra entrances than others — looking at BamBam, who entered through the window, because he’s BamBam. Together with Coco, the boys had a more or less relaxed afternoon. MarkSon powered themselves out with water sports at the river, BamBam and Youngjae chilled at home, JB went fishing (unsuccessfully so), and Jinyoung acted out some solo program where he advertised himself as boyfriend material.

17. The games and the booze

It was foreshadowed by JB bringing drinking games to the villa or Yugyeom suggesting that, when someone has started drinking alcohol, everything they’d drink after that would also have to be alcohol, but actually seeing the boys getting drunk together in a cozy setting like this one truly felt as if we were a part of it. It was just hilarious to see the boys fooling and dancing around or getting super paranoid while playing mafia.

But that wasn’t the only game of the evening: when they played rock, paper, scissors, the loser had to jump into the pool. Needless to say: whenever that happened, all hell broke loose.

18. The comeback of 2Jae

Sure, JJ Project is nothing short of magical and their comeback was highly anticipated, but we all know the magic that is 2Jae. Ever since JB and Youngjae used to share a mattress in their old dorm and confused various reality show hosts with their tales of sleeping “with” (read: next to) each other, this is the one unit comeback fans had been waiting for (aside from JJ Project of course). And just when you thought GOT7 had grown up and with that, 2Jae apart, along came their reunion: when they had sleeping spots next to each other in the villa, prompting them to reenact their favorite napping positions. So much nostalgia.

As you can see, a LOT happened in this season, and believe it or not, this is only the tip of the iceberg. So if you haven’t watched this season yet, be sure to catch up on your favorite dorks!

What’s your favorite moment from “GOT7’s Hard Carry 2”? Are you also traumatized by the shabu-shabu incident? Let us know in the comments!

daisygonzo is having trouble keeping up with all reality shows and comebacks of her favs. It’s a busy time in the K-pop fandom. Also, she wants BamBam’s weird running style to go down in history. Follow her on Instagram for more!

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