DAY6 Shares What Park Jin Young Had To Say About Their New Song And MV

In a recent interview, DAY6 shared Park Jin Young’s thoughts on their new title track and music video!

On December 11, the members of DAY6 sat down to talk about their new mini album “Remember Us : Youth Part 2,” which features the retro title track “Days Gone By.”

Young K remarked, “Overall, our focus this year while working on music was the word ‘youth.’ Last time, we made our comeback during the summer, so [our music] had an intense sound. This time, we ended up making music that is suited to winter.”

Sungjin added, “This is our first time [releasing a song] that is undeniably synth-pop. While working on it, I thought that it would suit us well. We ended up composing this song because we wanted something that had both a bright vibe and a tinge of sadness. Thankfully, it came out better than I’d expected.”

The DAY6 members also expressed their gratitude to JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young, who was reportedly a huge fan of their new song.

Wonpil commented, “[Park Jin Young] really liked ‘Days Gone By’ a lot. He’s a fan of music from the 1970s and 1980s, and after hearing our new music, he had a lot of praise for us. It gave us a sense of satisfaction.”

Sungjin chimed in, “Although we don’t tailor our music to his tastes, he’s a musician that we trust. So [his praise] gave us a sense of validation and made us really happy.”

“[Park Jin Young] also worked with us on the music video from the very beginning of production,” he went on. “We were so grateful.”

Young K added, “We recently saw him at a wedding, and he asked us what we thought of the music video. Then he told us, ‘It’s the best. I like it so much,’ and praised us a lot. It made me happy.”

Check out DAY6’s retro music video for “Days Gone By” here!

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