V.O.S’s Kim Kyung Rok Announces Marriage Plans

V.O.S’s Kim Kyung Rok is getting married!

On December 11, Kim Kyung Rok posted a photo of a handwritten letter on his Instagram to announce his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend of four years, who studied music.

He wrote in the caption, “I’m getting married. I’m sorry I made you find out first through articles. I’ll live happily while smiling a lot. Please give me lots of your blessings. Thank you always. Ji Heon, you can say it now. Out of V.O.S, I’m the only one that didn’t have a premarital pregnancy.”

The letter is as follows:

“Hello. It’s Kim Kyung Rok.

“I wanted to tell the people who always care for me and support me through a letter, but I’m sorry that you had to find out first through articles. I wanted to tell my fans tomorrow, but it didn’t turn out according to my wishes.

“Although you already found out through the articles, I didn’t think it was good manners towards those who supported me all this time, so I quickly began writing a letter.

“After dating for four years, I’m getting married on the 12th of next month. I’m still lacking and need to mature more, so I’d be grateful if you would give me your blessing as I try to take a step forward to my new beginning.

“Since I was young, my dream was to become a caring husband and good father. I lived without many ambitions, but I want to have ambitions about this.

“I’ll work harder to reflect the interest and love that I received from many people for 15 years and my family on stage.

“Please cheer me on so that I can improve as the head of a family and as someone who loves music and the stage.

“Please take care of your health in this cold weather and I hope you’ll safely end the rest of 2018. I hope more joyful things that make you smile will happen in 2019.

“Please support me Kim Kyung Rok and V.O.S. We’ll return with a song to be closer to all of you. Thank you.

“December 11, 2018 from Kim Kyung Rok.

“P.S.- Ji Heon who wanted to talk so badly about my wedding news! You can say it now!”

In a phone interview with TV Report, Park Ji Heon said, “I knew that Kim Kyeong Rok was getting married. I told him to get married all the time. Kim Kyung Rok was getting sick of me saying that, but I was so happy when he told me that he decided on a wedding date. I was so happy that my wife and I began crying.”

He continued, “It feels like I’m sending my real brother off. It’s like we’re all on the same boat now, and it’s like we’re looking in the same direction while rowing.”

He added, “[His wife] is someone that I really like. She’s a valuable woman and someone he shouldn’t let go.” Park Ji Heon has six children, and he was asked if he thinks Kim Kyung Rok will also have a big family. Park Ji Heon answered, “People around me can’t not have kids.”

Kim Kyung Rok will get married on January 12 at the Grand Hill Convention in Seoul. V.O.S will sing the congratulatory song at the wedding.

Check out photos of Kim Kyung Rok, his bride-to-be, and V.O.S members Park Ji Heon and Choi Hyun Joon from their wedding photos below!

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