DAY6 Shares Why They Were Moved By Fans During World Concert Tour

DAY6 shared some thoughts on what it’s been like to perform their concert tour around the world!

DAY6 began their world tour “Youth” in Seoul in June and went on their first North American concert tour in November with stops in seven cities, followed by concerts in Brazil and Chile. They most recently performed in Jakarta on December 8, and will be continuing their tour with stops in Europe starting in January.

In a recent interview, Jae said, “We were able to happily leave for our tour feeling at ease because we’d finished working on our album before we left.”

Wonpil said, “It feels like we’re in a dream; I’ve been so happy that we’re able to do a tour. Our fans sang our songs with Korean lyrics before the show started, and I heard it while we were in the waiting room. I felt so happy. The reactions starting with our first song were great, and I was touched when I saw that the fans who had been sitting down stood up as soon as we started.”

“I feel like our energy is getting refreshed each time because the energy the audience gives us is different in every country,” said Jae. “The way that people enjoy [the show] is different in each country. In some places, people jump so much the floor shakes, and in others they groove along.”

Sungjin said, “I thought that I might get bored since we’re doing a tour with the same set list of songs, but each day the members’ conditions are different and the conditions of our instruments are different too, so it feels new every time. That’s been really great.”

Young K commented that the songs that people have liked the most are different in each country, with some regions getting passionate about their more lyrical music while others seemed to like dance songs more.

Dowoon said, “There were deaf people who came to our Los Angeles concert. They said that they couldn’t hear our songs but the energy lifted their spirits, and I was so grateful for that. I thought that I need to work harder so that I can do a lot of that.”

DAY6 made a comeback on December 10 with their new mini album “Remember Us: Youth Part 2,” featuring the title track “days gone by.” The band will be wrapping up the year with their shows titled “DAY6 Christmas Special Concert ‘The Present'” from December 22 to 24 in Seoul.

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