Winners Of The 19th Women In Film Korea Festival

The 19th Women in Film Korea Festival recognized outstanding females in the film industry.

On December 12, this year’s award ceremony took place at the CGV Cinelibrary in Seoul and was hosted by actress Uhm Ji Won.

The award ceremony considered films that premiered between November 6, 2017 and November 5, 2018 to choose winners in nine categories.

Uhm Ji Won began, “Last year, I received the Popularity Award. At the time, I promised that I would host the following year out of gratitude and I came here to fulfill my promise. Personally, I’m grateful and joyful that this kind of film festival exists. As someone in the film industry, I support this film festival and it’s sincerely an honor to be able to participate.”

Woman in Film of the Year went to director Kim Il Ran. She said, “I felt a lot of pressure about the award acceptance speech. I think [this award] implies support for the time I’ve lived as a woman and says, ‘Let’s continue to see you on set for a long time,’ so I feel exceptionally happy. It’ll soon be the 10th year anniversary of the Yongsan tragedy. Through this award, I hope that more people will take an interest in finding the truth.”

Han Ji Min received the Best Actress Award. “I cried a lot at another award ceremony, so I wasn’t going to cry today, but tears fall when my eyes meet Kwon So Hyun’s,” she said emotionally. “Thank you for giving me such a meaningful award. After choosing ‘Miss Baek’ and the whole time I was acting, I just thought about wanting to do a good job conveying the sincerity of the film. For the first time after this film premiered, I realized what a lucky actress I am. Since there are relatively few films where female characters are shown three-dimensionally, I’m grateful that I was able to play this character.”

She continued, “Thank you director Lee Ji Won. I think many people are supporting this film because of the sincerity of the societal message in this film. I think I’m receiving an award thanks to that. I worked with more female staff members than I did in other projects. I thought that it was a rare sight and I want to share this award with them. I hope that kind of set won’t be something that’s rare, but something that can be seen often. I will become an actress who silently works hard to act in a project so that female-centered films can be created with more variety and in a better environment. I sincerely thank you.”

After receiving the Best New Actress Award, Kim Ga Hee said, “I was able to portray the character that all new actresses wanted but were also afraid of after seeing the ad for an unprecedented female character. I was worried, but I think this character is the result of not my effort alone, but the spirit of many actors who tried to make ‘Park Hwa Young’ stand out. She’s a challenging, dangerous character, but thank you to Myung Film, the director, and actors for holding my hand and running with me.”

Check out the complete list of winners below!

Woman in Film of the Year: Kim Il Ran (“The Remnants” and “Two Doors”)

Best Producer: Jae Jung Joo (“Last Child”)

Best Actress: Han Ji Min (“Miss Baek”)

Best New Actress: Kim Ga Hee (“Park Hwa-Young”)

Best Director: Lee Eon Hee (“The Accidental Detective 2: In Action”)

Best Screenplay: Jeon Go Woon (“Microhabitat”)

Best Documentary: Kim Bo Ram (“For Vagina’s Sake”)

Technical Award: Choi Eun Ah for sound engineering (“The Spy Gone North,” “Little Forest,” and “1987”)

Best Advertising and Marketing: AndCredit (“Dark Figure of Crime,” “The Spy Gone North,” and “1987”)

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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