Fans Are In Love With EXO’s New “Love Shot” MV: Check Out The Best Reaction Tweets

EXO’s new music video is thrilling their fans EXO-L!

On December 13, the group followed their November album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” with the repackaged album “Love Shot,” featuring the title track of the same name.

Their music video for “Love Shot” is a mesmerizing feast for the eyes and ears, with EXO serving talent and visuals that have got fans celebrating on Twitter. #ItsTheLoveShot has been trending worldwide since the music video’s release as EXO-L shares their reactions to the group’s new album and MV!

Fans are finding the song both catchy and gorgeous.

And the choreography is jaw-dropping.

In particular, the sound of EXO-Ls collectively gasping over this amazing dance move could be heard around the world.

Each of the members stuns with their skills, looks, and charisma in this beautiful MV.

“Love Shot” has also got fans wondering as it feeds and creates theories, with many EXO-Ls noting some parallels with other music videos.

That plot twist no one expected has also got many fans talking.

Of course, Sehun also gave us some hints at this before.

And it’s clear that EXO really is from out of this world.

Overall, the whole MV is… a lot.

What’s your reaction to EXO’s “Love Shot” MV?

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