6 Adorable Park Bo Gum Moments From Episodes 5 And 6 Of “Encounter”

Encounter” has been the perfect K-drama to watch this holiday season. Not only is the series addictive and entertaining to watch, but Park Bo Gum has got to be the sweetest actor ever. I swear, his mannerisms and lines in the drama just completely warm our hearts. Here’s a look at 6 moments from this past week’s episodes where he was just too adorable for words.

1. When he takes her to the “art gallery” and when they establish their relationship

Jin Hyeok wants Soo Hyun to come out of her shell more and to trust him, so he decides to take her on a short day-excursion to the “art gallery.” What Soo Hyun doesn’t know is that this art gallery is outdoors and is a hidden gem that Jin Hyeok is showing Soo Hyun.

It’s a romantic date mainly because Jin Hyeok knows how much Soo Hyun loves the arts. It is also at this location that Jin Hyeok runs into Soo Hyun again after she’s had a bad day.

This moment was particularly adorable because Jin Hyeok really wanted to progress in their relationship. He explained to her how he felt about her and asked her if they can be in a “some” relationship. “Some,” meaning when two people are attracted to each other, but aren’t officially dating. It was an adorable moment and even more so seeing Park Bo Gum smile when she agreed!

2. When he buys a cake for Soo Hyun to celebrate the first day of their “some” relationship.

When Jin Hyeok meets Soo Hyun by the river and gives her the choice of being in a “some” relationship with him, he is ecstatic. Even though they’re not officially boyfriend/girlfriend, he’s simply happy at the fact that he can be somewhat closer to her.

So when he buys her a cake to celebrate the first day of their “some” relationship, it’s the cutest thing seeing how excited and happy he is. And then on top of the cake, he gives her an ornament to commemorate their big day.

Let’s all just live vicariously through Song Hye Kyo while we stay cold this winter.

3. How happy he was when Soo Hyun locked arms with him

That look at his face! Enough said.

4. And then how he grabbed her hand!

5. How adorably nervous he got when Soo Hyun tied the necktie for him

I thought it was SO adorable how he carried around the tie that Soo Hyun got for him in his pocket. When she asked him about it, he immediately pulled it out, telling her that he doesn’t know how to tie it properly. She helped him, and he obviously couldn’t keep his cool.

He was just so adorably giddy!

6. The look of love on his face when Soo Hyun publicly announced the status of their relationship

The ending of episode 6 totally had my stomach in knots. First off, I couldn’t believe the audacity of the reporter who kept asking Soo Hyun about her relationship with Jin Hyeok. It wasn’t the place nor time to address the issue, but he was relentless and annoying. So when Soo Hyun responds that they are in a “some relationship,” it put a huge smile on Jin Hyeok’s face. You could totally feel the love swell up inside of him.

And it totally made us smile, too.

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