Takuya Leaves CROSS GENE And Amuse Korea + Members Show Support And Talk About Future In Letter

It has been announced that Takuya has left CROSS GENE.

Amuse Korea recently took to CROSS GENE’s official website to post an official statement announcing Takuya’s departure. Their notice read, ” To all the fans who support CROSS GENE, as of December 10, CROSS GENE member Takuya has graduated from the group.

“We are extremely apologetic to be bringing such sudden news to fans who have always shown their support for CROSS GENE. Takuya has been with us from his trainee days and for approximately seven years as a member of CROSS GENE, but he will now be walking a different path from CROSS GENE with the expiration of his contract.

“The four remaining members of CROSS GENE (Shin, Yongseok, Sangmin, Seyoung) will continue to be more active, not just as individuals but also as CROSS GENE, in 2019. We ask for your continued love and support for the members of CROSS GENE, who continue to work hard to show new sides of themselves. We also ask people to warmly watch over Takuya as he starts his new beginning.”

The four remaining members of CROSS GENE also wrote a heartfelt letter to fans that was shared on the official website. It read, “To our fans who always support us, thank you so much. We are so sorry to bring such sudden and unfortunate news to you.

“To be honest, we have been working hard till now with a sense of uncertainty about how long we will be able to stay together. However, we have been able to come this far because of your warm support and encouragement. As long as there are fans who support us, we do not want CROSS GENE to end.

“Though it is sad that we will be walking a different path from Takuya, who was a member of CROSS GENE with us for approximately seven years, we want to show our support for Takuya and his decision to walk down a new path.

“From this point onwards, we will continue our CROSS GENE activities with four members. We will continue to work harder and create a new future with you all.

“We will do our best to create a space for us to meet you all face-to-face in 2019. We would be grateful if you could wait just a little longer. And we hope you will continue to watch over CROSS GENE.”

We wish both CROSS GENE and Takuya all the best in their future endeavors!

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