EXO's D.O. Talks About His Best Charms, Goal For The Future, And More

The December 16 episode of MBC’s “Let’s Go! Video Travel” featured an interview with EXO’s D.O. for the release of his movie “Swing Kids.

D.O. started off by thanking “Let’s Go! Video Travel” for playing EXO’s songs often, as EXO won the show’s BGM award last year.

He then went on to talk about “Swing Kids,” in which he plays a prisoner of war that joins a dance group. He explained, “I’ve taken on the role of Roh Ki Soo. He’s the biggest troublemaker at the P.O.W. camp.” For this role, D.O. had to shave his head and learn how to tap dance and speak in the North Korean dialect.

D.O. said, “I would say my similarity with Roh Ki Soo is about 50 percent. My personality is somewhat similar to Roh Ki Soo’s bright personality and mischievous attitude, but I am not as audacious or as much of a trouble maker as he is.”

One of the biggest aspects he focused on while preparing for the movie was tap dancing. He shared, “I practiced whenever I had free time or had my feet on the ground because I had to show off my character’s talented dance skills.”

In addition to having fans all around the world for his music as a member of EXO, he has also received recognition as an actor for his diverse roles in the films “Pure Love,” “Room Number 7,” “Along with the Gods,” “Cart,” and more. D.O. also received the Best New Actor award for his role in the movie “My Annoying Brother” at the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

When asked about the day Jo In Sung received the award on his behalf, D.O. reminisced, “My heart flutters when I think about that time. I was performing at EXO’s concert [at the time]. I was congratulated by a very large crowd. I got the mic as a trophy and gave my award acceptance speech.”

Recently, fans have been calling D.O. “AlMoKyung,” which is short for a Korean phrase meaning, “Kyung Soo (D.O.’s birth name) who I thought I knew but didn’t.” The phrase has been used as D.O. often surprises by doing something completely different from what is expected with his personality.

While he wasn’t sure why he was given the nickname, the production staff gave the example of when D.O. adorably hid behind a large backdrop instead of going off-stage after his photos were taken at the “Swing Kids” press conference.

D.O. was also asked about what he considers to be his three main charms. However, getting shy and modest, he desperately asked the production staff for help before finally deciding that they are his voice, his gaze, and his “AlMoKyung” charm.

Regarding a goal he has for the future, D.O. responded, “My goal is to keep acting forever. I want to be an actor that the public can relate to.”

D.O.’s upcoming film “Swing Kids” is set to premiere on December 19.

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