f(x)’s Luna Posts About Someone Scamming Her Family Via Messaging App

On December 17, f(x)’s Luna took to Instagram to reveal that someone had tried to scam her family through a messaging app.

In the post, she revealed screenshots from her parents’ conversation with the scammer on the messaging app. In the caption, she wrote, “(These photos are only part of the whole conversation.) Hello~ This is Luna. The trend nowadays is voice phishing, but there is someone who has been asking for money after hacking my NAVER contacts and using a fake KakaoTalk ID to pretend they are Luna and Park Sun Young [Luna’s real name]. Don’t be fooled by this person.”

She continued, “If you look carefully at KakaoTalk, their profile photo has a little red globe on it, which is a sign of voice phishing. My grandparents as well as my parents have been fooled many times, so I’m angry and upset, but I decided to have courage and upload this so that the same thing won’t happen again. These evil acts like impersonating me on social media, hacking my personal contacts, and asking my own family and friends for money make me angry and frustrated, even feeling like it’s my fault because I was busy working and couldn’t pick up my mother’s phone calls. Even more infuriating is the fact that my mom called me this morning, asking me if everything had been resolved satisfactorily.

“I won’t fall apart because of this kind of thing and work even harder to make more money for my parents! To the scammers who have stolen without any sense of guilt the money that I worked hard as a singer to earn for my parents and family! Are you happy to make money in such a way? You think it’s so easy to make money, right?

“In order not to cause pain to my parents, I have worked part-time and full-time for 10 years while attending school. Use that money I earned well. I will become stronger and won’t fall apart from what you’ve done. For those of you who are also in pain because you’ve also been scammed, let’s become stronger. This too will pass. Don’t suffer alone and give up because it’s hard! I know that it’s hard to catch the criminal but we can use this chance to make people more aware of voice phishing and overcome it.

“I want to cheer on all the hardworking people in Korea who wake up early in the morning and work hard at their jobs! The money that you make easily (like the kind you steal from others like it’s your own) will vanish as quickly as sand in the wind. Instead of obsessing over that, it’s better to earn little by little through your hard work and spend it in a way that will help your future choices in your one precious life.”

She concluded, “Please do not scam people who are working hard to make a life!”

She added in English, “Hello everyone it’s Luna here. Someone has been hacking my NAVER contacts to approach my friends and family to ask them for money. Everyone please be mindful of these fake KakaoTalk profiles of me. Please do not be fooled. If you look closely at their Katalks there is a red globe symbol, which means they are phishing..”

Previously, both TWICE’s Jihyo and comedian Lee Guk Joo had posted about people trying to impersonate them online to scam money out of their friends, fans, and family.


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Edit: The title of this article has been updated to better reflect the content. 

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