Yoon Ddan Ddan Makes Surprise Marriage Announcement

Singer-songwriter Yoon Ddan Ddan is getting married!

On December 17, Yoon Ddan Ddan made the surprise announcement on his personal Instagram. He will be getting married to Eun Jong (SILVERBELL), his girlfriend of five years and a fellow singer-songwriter at his label.

In the post, he wrote, “I have proposed to Eun Jong, who has stayed by my side through thick and thin for the past five years. She has stayed by my side without fail through five years of dating, but in comparison I have caused her worry many times… Not understanding women, personality problems, saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things… I have broken her heart in so many different ways. But when I became sincere and asked for her forgiveness, she has always taken my hand again. She has remade me as a person through her endurance.”

He continued, “Like how she extended her hand to a naughty boy who had nothing and even had to ask for change to ride the bus, I now extend my hand to her with the promise of forever. Many people fall in love and get married. Just like how it happens in the songs I’ve always sung, my life has gained a new source of happiness.

“We will hold a small ceremony next year with our family and friends. I will continue to become a singer who sings about life. I will become a singer who stays by your side. If you walk the long road of life with me, I will return that favor with music that feels like a warm cup of tea. Thank you and thank you again.”

Eun Jong also posted about the marriage on her Instagram, thanking her family and explaining her decision to get married as part of the maturity process of life. She also thanked the people who liked her music and announced the marriage ceremony date as set for March 16, 2019.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

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