Swing Entertainment Releases Official Statement About Wanna One’s Contract

On December 18, Swing Entertainment released an official statement on Wanna One’s fan café about the group’s contract expiration date.

All throughout 2018, there have been rumors that Wanna One’s contract would be extended, especially after it was announced that their final concert would be in January 2019. Originally, the group’s contract was scheduled to end on December 31.

In the newly released official statement, Swing Entertainment confirmed that the contract will expire on December 31 but added that the agency will continue to manage the group throughout their final promotions in January.

This is their official statement:

“Hello, this is Swing Entertainment. We write to inform you that December 31, 2018 is the date that Wanna One’s contract is scheduled to end. During the period after the contract expires, we will wrap up Wanna One’s official activities such as award ceremonies as previously planned and end with the January concert.

“We want to thank the 11 members of Wanna One, who have showed everyone the best of themselves for the past year and a half, from August 2017 to now.

“All the staff of Swing Entertainment intend to work their hardest on behalf of Wanna One during our remaining time with them, and we will cheer the members on in their new journeys.

“We also sincerely thank the fans domestic and worldwide who have loved Wanna One and ask for your support and congratulations for the members as they wrap up their promotions and begin their new journeys.

“Thank you.”

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