Friends Of SHINee’s Jonghyun Share Love And Promises To Remember Him Always On 1st Anniversary Of His Passing

Friends of SHINee’s Jonghyun posted messages to commemorate him on December 18, the first anniversary of his passing.

SHINee’s Key shared a video that he took of himself on stage, with Jonghyun smiling into the camera as he sits behind him.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk uploaded a photo of himself with SHINee. He wrote, “Looking back now, it seems like one year went by so fast. Even as time passes, please miss and think [of him]. Even if it’s not every day, please remember him once in a while, even if it’s just today. After going to see him, I feel lighter. I love you.”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon shared a photo of Jonghyun smiling on the beach, with emojis of a heart and headphones in the caption. She wrote, “By your side. I love you.”

Dear Cloud’s Nine9, a close friend of Jonghyun who relayed his final letter, posted a photo of herself on stage with the caption, “I miss you so much.”

Yoo Ara, a former member of Hello Venus and a close friend of Jonghyun, also posted on the anniversary. On her Instagram story, she shared a quote attributed to Jonghyun from his radio show on April 17 on 2016, with his comments about the anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster.

The quote reads, “It will soon get warm out, the leaves will change color, and snow will fall. I hope that we won’t forget the fact that they were once by our side during these times. And I hope that the people left behind will hurt less and remember more.”

Yoo Ara posted a letter on her Instagram that refers to the quote. She wrote:

Oppa, hello.
After the fragrant spring with the cherry blossoms, the hot summer passed, and now it’s the harsh winter with the wind that shakes the tree branches.
It snowed a lot recently so the ground is frozen solid.
I’m so curious about how you are doing. I hope that if you see this post, you will visit me in my dreams, even for just a moment.

If we see each other like that… I hope you smile as you say hello.
We still remember. That face, that music, that kindness…
And of course we will in the future too.

As you said then,
Please remember that we were once there in your time.
I hope that you will
so that the people who were left behind can also hurt less and remember more.

Until the day far away from now when we meet again, goodbye. I love you.
You did well J, we will never forget you.

We won’t forget. I hope that the times we were together will live on as memories and embrace you_J.”

She later posted a photo of the sky with the caption “Shinin.”

A memorial event and art festival was held on December 17 by the Shiny Foundation, which was created by Jonghyun’s family after his passing. SM Entertainment also posted a video on the anniversary to commemorate Jonghyun.

He will always be in our hearts. May he rest in peace.

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