HyunA And E’Dawn Talk About Their Future Plans

On December 18, HyunA and E’Dawn chatted with fans via a live broadcast on Instagram!

While waiting for food at a restaurant in Seoul with E’Dawn and friends, HyunA went live on Instagram to talk to fans. She asked E’Dawn next to her if he wanted to greet everyone, and he said in English, “Hi everyone.” HyunA said, “Are you studying English now?” and E’Dawn replied, “I have to.”

A fan commented “Come to Indonesia!” HyunA shared that she’s been there twice before, and the fans were very nice. “Let’s meet again if there’s the opportunity later on,” she said to fans. “The best thing is getting to meet with fans.” HyunA later also shared that lately she really wants to do a reality show.

As they ate, the group chatted about their plans for next year. When HyunA asked E’Dawn what his plans are, E’Dawn replied, “I like now though.” HyunA laughed and pointed out that 2018 is almost over, but E’Dawn said he doesn’t think that is important. HyunA explained that E’Dawn focuses on just living each day and enjoying it, rather than worrying.

HyunA shared to the camera, “For me, the first thing is I want to do is make plans to meet my fans.” She added, “And you know that I love performing the most. I’m carefully thinking about this performance. I’ve decided to do recording for the album starting this year.” HyunA asked E’Dawn if he’s going to help her, and E’Dawn replied, “I have to meet my own fans.”

They laughed and HyunA said, “But you can still help me with writing songs!” HyunA suggested that E’Dawn say something to his fans, and he said he misses them. She asked him when he’ll meet them next, and he said, “Whenever I have the chance.”

HyunA spoke to the fans again to say that one of the things that she and E’Dawn have in common is that they cherish their fans’ letters. “We’ve both kept all the letters we’ve ever received,” she said.

“I got letters from fans at the airport this time too,” she said. “It was great to go to Paris, but I really loved the short time I got to spend meeting and chatting with fans at the airport.”

After HyunA and E-Dawn announced their relationship in August, the couple has since left Cube Entertainment. They’ve been updating fans regularly through Instagram, including sharing dance videos, new music, and photos from their recent trip to Paris for a pictorial.

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