Jessica Describes What Her Relationship With Krystal Means To Her And More

Jessica shows off her style in the latest issue of The Star magazine.

For the cover of the January 2019 issue, Jessica took photos in various elegant looks according to the theme “day and night.” She used bags to accessorize and highlight her trendy fashion sense.

In an accompanying interview, she talked about her style, career, and family. On styling bags, she advised, “It’s important to really know your body. That way, you can find bags that are a good fit for you and you can style them according to your clothes.”

When asked what she learned while working on her own after departing Girls’ Generation, Jessica said, “Starting new is always hard. But thankfully, I met good people and there are many people who are helping me, so I’ve been able to do well.”

Jessica was also asked about how she’s changed since her debut. She replied, “I’m always honest. People around me say that I’m still the same. I’m the same now as I was in the past.”

“I’m inspired going about my everyday life and from people around me,” revealed Jessica. “There are times I get inspired by my younger sister [f(x)’s Krystal] and I also get a lot of inspiration while traveling. I receive energy from fans too.”

Choosing the moment when she is the most like herself, Jessica said, “When I’m eating breakfast with my family. I think that’s my appearance that never changes no matter how much time passes. It’s the most comfortable and natural.”

Jessica then expressed her appreciation for Krystal. “We’re always a source of comfort for each other,” she explained. “There’s no end to our conversation when we meet up. If we can’t meet up and talk, we send each other text messages. She’s a necessary presence in my life.”

Speaking about her most recent happiest moment, Jessica said, “I recently went on a trip with my family to Vienna and Athens. It was difficult to match up my schedule with my sister’s, so it was the first time in a while that we’d gone on a trip. It was a really memorable time.”

About what she’ll be like in the future, Jessica commented, “I’m the type of person that goes with the flow. I hope that I’m always someone who matches my age.” Stating her wish for the new year, Jessica said with a smile, “This is so cliché, but I hope that everyone I love will be mentally and physically healthy. Nothing is more important than that.”

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