DSP Media To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

On December 21, DSP Media announced on their official website that they would be taking legal action to protect their artists.

Their full statement reads:

Hello, this is DSP Media. Thank you to all the fans who support and cheer on our artists.

Until now, our company has considered the malicious comments made by netizens against our artists to be another form of interest and affection towards them. When fans deliberately crossed the line, we thought of it as a form of affection towards the artist and a power trip to try and get their attention. We have also absorbed the criticism targeted at us when our employees try to stop this unreasonable behavior.

But recently our artists have been attacked online through crude and vulgar language, slander, and accusations of incidents without any proof. We recognize the severity of the situation and have been collecting evidence for many months. We have hired a legal representative and are preparing to take legal action.

After long consideration, DSP Media has submitted this evidence for investigation through a law firm to the Gangnam Police Station.

From now on, we will be issuing a strong legal response to behaviors like posting false and baseless statements about our artists, malicious comments, and slander. We would also like to state here that there will be no compromises or favorable arrangements made when it comes to these criminal behaviors.

We thank everyone who loves our artists and will do our best to monitor and respond quickly to protect them. Thank you.

DSP Media’s website currently lists the following artists at their agency: Oh Jong Hyuk, A-JAX, Heo Young Ji, APRIL, KARD, and Lee Hyun Joo.

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