Watch: “Master In The House” Cast Attempts Method Acting + Imitate Each Other With Hilarious Results

Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yoon, Yang Se Hyung, and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae took on method acting in this week’s “Master in the House” with their master, veteran actor Lee Soon Jae.

During the episode, the members took on a mission where they had to express a combined adjective and noun with their bodies. Yook Sungjae picked “angry” and “ocean.” Yang Se Hyung joked, “If it’s hard, you can just express S.E.S’s Bada [“Bada” literally means “ocean” in Korean].” Lee Seung Gi hilariously added, “You should sing Bada’s ‘I’m So Mad.'” Yook Sungjae eventually immersed himself into acting and conveyed a rough wave, which Lee Soon Jae praised.

Lee Seung Gi picked “an elephant who needs to use the bathroom.” Initially dumbfounded, he eventually got into an elephant pose and conveyed its desperation to use the bathroom. When Lee Soon Jae questioned his acting and why an elephant would want to use a physical bathroom, Lee Seung Gi responded by the elephant abruptly doing his business on the spot.

The members also put their observational skills to the test. Lee Soon Jae gave them the mission to portray each other, as they had one year of observing each other under their belts.

Yook Sungjae began by imitating Lee Seung Gi, explaining, “I don’t know if anyone else has felt this. But Seung Gi will come and drop his hand on my shoulder. He’ll tilt his chin up slightly, grin lightly, and say, ‘You’re going to make it,'” which made everyone burst out into laughter.

Lee Seung Gi demonstrated it himself, and explained that it was a way of expressing affection to people he liked. Yang Se Hyung tried to imitate Lee Seung Gi as well, and hilariously demonstrated his confident energy slowly disintegrating into tiredness.

The other members then brought up their observations of Yook Sungjae. Yang Se Hyung went first, as the other members play-acted a situation where they were having a conversation all together. During the conversation, Yang Se Hyung perfectly pulled off Yook Sungjae’s blank stare. When someone prompted him with a question, Yang Se Hyung once again brought out one of Yook Sungjae’s multi-use answers in a serious tone. Yang Se Hyung continued to tease his fellow member, as he caught on to the key points of his laughter and exaggerated them.

“Master in the House” airs every Sunday at 6:25 p.m. KST.

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