Actresses Who Are Daughters Of Military Officials

There is a saying that military officials have beautiful daughters.

Judging from these actresses, it must be true!

Here are dazzling actresses who come from military families:

1. Go Ara

Go Ara’s father has been in the Korean Air Force for 30 years. Due to that, she became the official honorary ambassador of the Korean Air Force in 2016 and participated in an air show and aerospace festival.

2. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young’s father was in the Special Forces Black Panther Brigade for 34 years. She attended her father’s retirement ceremony in 2015 and showed special affection and pride for him.

3. Lee Jin

The former member of Fin.K.L. previously shared, “My father was a division commander, so I lived in an official residence.”

4. Jo Yoon Hee

Previously on “Happy Together,” Jo Yoon Hee mentioned her strict military father. She shared, “In the past when I was cast on the streets, he told me not to become a celebrity, but now he covers his military camp with my photos and brings me papers to autograph.”

5. Han Ji Min

The touch “Miss Baek” actress is actually the daughter of a lieutenant colonel in the air force. Inspired by her father’s career, she generously donated to the welfare of military personnel.

6. Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo’s father is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve, and her younger brother also served in the air force. Therefore, she was the honorary ambassador of the air force in 2007.

Do you know any other actresses who are daughters of military officials?

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