Western Celebrities Who Hopped On The Bunny Ear Hat Trend

The adorable moving bunny ear hat that all your favorite K-pop stars have tried at least once before is now gaining popularity on western stars’ social media as well!

The hat was first spotted being worn by K-pop idols at fan sign events and has since become famous by gaining attention in online communities. With two bunny ears attached to its sides and a cute bunny face on the front, it also features long handles that come down from the back of the bunny ears which hold the magical button that contains the hat’s charm.

If you press the tip of these bunny legs, the ears on the hat will suddenly jump up. This is due to a simple mechanism involving a rubber pump at the tip of the bunny legs that fills up with air once it is pressed.

Thanks to its large popularity, this adorable hat has been receiving love from many western stars as well! Let’s take a look below at six of the western stars who could not resist the bunny ear hat’s charms.

1. Miaoux Miaoux (Julian Victor Corrie)

Miaoux Miaoux, of the rock band Franz Ferdinand, was captured playing around with the bunny ear hat after receiving it as a gift from a fan after his performance in Korea.

The small clip of him repeatedly pressing the hat’s bunny legs and raising its ears while smiling has become a hot topic amongst his fans.

2. Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller recently visited Korea with his “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” castmate Claudia Kim. He left a record of his journey going around Korea’s various tourist attractions with Claudia Kim and also took a picture of himself rocking the popular bunny ear hat.


MNEK is a Nigerian British singer-songwriter who is slowly being acknowledged in the British music scene. He has recently been gaining attention due to his encounter with BTS’s RM, and released a video of himself playing with the bunny ear hat which he received as a gift from Korean fans.

4. Rob Halford

Rob Halford, the vocalist of the rock band Judas Priest and known as the “Metal God,” has also been spotted wearing the hat. He was seen sporting it in a video after Judas Priest’s first Korean performance in three years.

In the video, Rob Halford stares right into the camera and repeatedly presses both bunny legs making the bunny ears rise uncontrollably. Fans have judged this video of him playing with the hat, which he received as a fan gift, to be unexpectedly cute.

5. Olly Alexander

The British born vocalist of the Electronica trio Years & Years, Olly Alexander, released a video on social media of himself wearing the bunny ear hat he received as a fan gift.

The video of him dancing while raising the bunny ears to the beat of the music became a hot issue online for a while. He was judged by netizens to be the most well-suited for the bunny ear hat due to his cute dance in the video.

6. Charlie Puth

Of course, Charlie Puth, who is known as a genius singer-songwriter, has also been captured in a video wearing the bunny ear hat. In the video, he can be seen holding his phone with one hand and pressing the bunny legs with the other.

He greeted the fans who gifted him the hat with his chic expression while frequently raising the hat’s bunny ears.

What do you think of the bunny ear hat trend?

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