Kwanghee’s Manager Apologizes And Leaves Agency + “The Manager” Responds

Kwanghee’s new manager Yoo Si Jong has left their agency Bonboo Entertainment.

Previously, the manager was accused of being a bully in middle school, but he denied the accusations through the agency.

However, further accusations were brought up afterwards, and on December 27, Bonboo Entertainment released a new statement.

The statement is as follows:

This is Bonboo Entertainment.

First of all, we are very apologetic to causing trouble to many people with this incident.

We sincerely apologize for not being able to take more accurate and careful action.

From the agency’s point of view, in order to settle the incident quickly, we checked personally with the individual (Yoo Si Jong).

He himself was also very taken aback by the situation and replied that he does not remember, and the agency did not look into it more carefully and accurately before releasing our statement, causing a more complicated situation.

We once again sincerely apologize for this.

The individual (Yoo Si Jong) submitted a letter of resignation today, and after sufficient discussion with the agency, it was decided that he would resign.

According to the individual, he is deeply reflecting on his childhood days and feels sincerely apologetic to everyone who was hurt [by him].

Due to this stance, he decided to resign as he is very apologetic to the people who have been hurt and so that he does not cause greater harm to Kwanghee and many other people. He said that he will use this incident as an opportunity to reflect on his past and live with more maturity and effort.

In addition, he said that if the opportunity allows, he would like to meet the people who were hurt by him during their childhood and apologize directly.

As he is not a famous celebrity but a typical member of society, he thought it would be weird for him to directly go to the media to apologize, so he wished for the agency to relay his statement instead.

Bonboo Entertainment agrees with this position, and as the agency is also in the position to apologize to many people, we are at least expressing our apologies in writing like this.

In the future, no matter the circumstance, we will handle all work carefully and accurately. We hope many people will generously see the sincere self-reflection of Bonboo Entertainment and Yoo Si Jong and allow for good opportunities.

We once again express our sincere apologies to many people.

A source from “The Manager” commented, “There is one episode left of Hwang Kwanghee’s recorded content, and after discussion on this, we will broadcast the remaining content for Kwanghee who put in his full effort for the recording.”

The statement continues, “In order for viewers to not feel discomfort, the broadcast will edit out the manager as much as possible and focus on Hwang Kwanghee’s character.”

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