MAMAMOO’s Wheein Suffers Ankle Injury + To Continue With Scheduled Activities

MAMAMOO’s Wheein will be continuing with activities despite suffering from a recent ankle injury.

On December 28, a source from RBW released an official statement regarding her injury and the group’s upcoming activities in Vietnam. Read RBW’s full statement below:

Hello, this is RBW.

We are making an announcement regarding MAMAMOO member Wheein’s ankle injury.

After finishing up with work on December 27, Wheein was on her way home when she twisted her ankle on the stairs. So she visited the hospital.

According to the medical check up results, there are no bruises, but there might be the possibility to strain a ligament, so she received directions to wear a cast and a guard.

While [the agency] came to the conclusion that it would be too much for her to participate in the planned activities in Vietnam, she is adamant in her will and desire to meet with her fans, and thus will be participating in the activities.

At the moment, [her leg] is alright apart from the cast and her overall condition is good, so in accordance with the medical advice, Wheein will be performing while sitting down.

Also, we will be adjusting her other planned activities depending on Wheein’s condition.

We ask for the fans to understand, and we will do our best to make sure that Wheein’s injury does not get worse and that she will be able to stay in excellent condition while safely completing her activities.

Once again we apologize for causing the fans to worry. Thank you.

We hope that Wheein has a full recovery soon!

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