Baek Jin Hee, Gong Myung, And More Share Thoughts After End Of “Feel Good To Die”

The cast of KBS 2TV’s “Feel Good to Die” commented on the ending of their drama.

Baek Jin Hee, who starred in the drama as Lee Luda, remarked, “I was really happy to be able to meet great people and make good memories while filming ‘Feel Good to Die.’ I’m filled with sadness at having to say goodbye like this.”

She continued, “Thank you to everyone who gave their love to ‘Feel Good to Die’ and Lee Luda up until now. I’ll work hard to recharge and meet you again in a different role. Thank you so, so much, and Happy New Year.”

Gong Myung, who displayed unique charms as his character Kang Joon Ho, commented, “It feels like the first day of filming was just yesterday, and I’m sad that it’s already the end. First, thank you so much to those who loved ‘Feel Good to Die.’ Because many people loved the character of Kang Joon Ho, I was able to film happily and successfully wrap up the drama.”

He added, “This winter was particularly cold, and the director, writer, staff members, actors, and extras all worked so hard. I’m happy that I was able to end this year with ‘Feel Good to Die.’ I will greet you again with good things in the future.”

Kang Ji Hwan, who starred in the drama as Baek Jin Sang, said, “I want to say thank you to all of the viewers who loved ‘Feel Good to Die’ and sympathized with its characters. Time went by in a flash between the moment that I first came across ‘Feel Good to Die’ and the final day of filming.”

He added, “Thank you once again to the director, staff, actors, and viewers who laughed and cried together with me. Although ‘Feel Good to Die’ has ended, just like Jin Sang kept looping back in time, I feel like I keep going back in time to my happy moments during first day of filming. The time loops, romantic comedy genre, and playing an epically unlikable character were a bit new, which made the drama particularly special for me. I pray that this drama will remain in your hearts like a gift.”

Finally, he concluded, “Thank you for loving [the drama]. I will return with an even better project. Happy New Year, and I hope that you have a happy end of 2018 and beginning of 2019! Thank you.”

Park Sol Mi, who appeared in the drama as Yoo Shi Baek, remarked, “The last three months, which I lived as Yoo Shi Baek, were a happy, unforgettable, and valuable time for me. I want to first thank those who watched the drama.”

She continued, “It was my first drama in a long time, and it was a meaningful project for me in many ways because I got to work with great actors and the best staff, and I also got to work with my good friend and director Lee Eun Jin for the second time. I will greet you again in the future with a good project and a new role. Happy New Year, and please be happy.”

In Gyo Jin, who played the evil CEO Kang In Han, drew the ire of many viewers with his realistic acting. The actor said, “I’ve been spending time with you every Wednesday and Thursday up until now, and thank so much for watching.”

He went on, “CEO Kang In Han is a very selfish and evil owner. So while acting, I really hoped that he would be greatly punished by his employees and that he would refreshingly get what he deserved.”

Finally, he concluded, “I’ll meet you again soon with a variety of cool and entertaining roles.”

“Feel Good To Die” came to an end on December 27. Check out the final episode below!

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